Arietes Para Mujer Botega Veneta, La Nueva Tenencia de Tiktok, ¿Por Que?

One of the accessories that have become more fashionable in the last few days are some arets for women. Bottega Veneta, which also became a TikTok trend.

Bottega Veneta is known to be a very efficient brand in terms of organizing its designs, so in this case, for example, it went viral because it was Kendall Jenner who put them on and was captured by a . Paparazzi. Immediately, fans wondered where these Earts were so special and, of course, it didn’t take long to decipher the fashion house’s design.

Why is Bottega Veneta trending on TikTok?

These arerats from Bottega Veneta are very versatile, but the reason they’ve gone viral is because of the price, who made them, and also, they’re arerats that adapt to almost any face shape.

“They practically combine any glance. This is the reason why many women have committed themselves to getting these, as their shape is the same adapt For any face type”, explains Cosmopolitan magazine.

arets available En Dorado and Platado; costan entre 720,000 and $1,350. Dua Lipa has also been used in these arets and they have become even more famous.

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If you definitely want these arets and want to be a part of the Tiktok trend, it is clear that copying the model is not at all difficult for those who know about Joyriya and may be you find the model too, because there are many jewelry stores Han created identical designs to his great success.

When you have these earettes remember that you can wear them with both formal and very casual looks, they will give a very special touch to a casual outfit and you can adapt them to your style. This is the true success of any of my work.

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