Another X-Men character to appear in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

Latest reports tell us Marvel Studios is about to put this home up for sale avengers: secret wars, If all the information revealed is true then we can be the first Mayor Foreigner In the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; bigger than infinity war or endgame, I think I think possible glimpses of multiple personalities X Men, Yes, because another filter has been filtered.

according to user Twitter MyTimeToShineHello, who has pretty reliable information about future Marvel projects, avengers: secret wars sumara al leader de los x-men, yes that Patrick Stewart’s Professor X This will be one of the great films of Largometrije.

Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier will be back secret war (if he’s still alive by the time this starts and is done filming)”, he noted. leaker, OK, your second sentence was bad, even though it’s clear the actor is already 83 and the movie premiere is still very, very bad. Since then, like millions of fans, we’ve wished that Stewart would spend more time with us.

During the last few months we have been able to come across some figures which would allegedly indicate the expected attendance. Foreigner, Rumor has it that another X-Men icon, Wolverine, is set to take part as well. avengers: secret wars, The latter won’t come as too much of a surprise, as the character interpreted by Hugh Jackman will make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe deadpool 3,

Similarly it is also estimated Andrew Garfield and Tobey MaguireSpider-Man from the previous Spider-Man trilogy will return with Tom Holland avengers: secret wars, Maguire’s case is even more special because, according to MyTimeToShineHello’s information, he will be involved in several fight scenes with Wolverine. Impossible not to be cheated…

Deadpool with Wolverine, Deadpool 3, X-Men in Secret Wars

Okay now, in regards to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, it’s not completely unknown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thief avengers: secret warsThe leader of the X-Men will sign off on his second appearance, as we haven’t seen him doing much Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse,

That is, their participation was very brief. This version of Professor X was defeated by an uncontrollable Scarlet Witch. So, the figure we’ll see avengers: secret wars Surely it comes from a different universe.

For now, Wolverine and Professor X are the representatives of the X-Men. avengers: secret wars, However, Let’s not rule out the presence of more mutants, When the film starts shooting, it is quite possible that other people have already debuted in previous productions.

it is also important to consider avengers: secret wars, nor has any other future film in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe confirmed its debut on the final established date. The cast of actors is changing the calendar of the entire cinematographic field, so we will not be surprised if the crossover is delayed again. As of now, it is yet to arrive in theaters 7 May 2027,

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