An exciting game of survival and teamwork

A new game is coming to Steam, offering an exciting combination of teamwork, survival and fun. Project Planet, developed by Fifth Harbor Studios, is a party game with a deadly twist. In this game, one player tries to end humanity in a variety of intriguing ways while the other players strive to save humanity.

Up to five additional players can join the game and save the planet together. However, the ultimate winner is determined by whoever has the most power: the person who succeeds, or the Earth. To claim victory, Earth must see every single person on the planet die, but rest assured, this only happens in the game and not in real life.

Project Planet’s multiplayer feature is a key selling point, as players have already expressed their admiration on Reddit. Discussions have already begun on scheduled gaming sessions with friends, where everyone brings their own drinks and the game provides food and entertainment. It’s the perfect place for a game like Project Planet.

Although the PC version of the game won’t be released until September, players can already download the demo to try their hand at destroying the world with their friends. Feedback from those who played the demo on Reddit was promising, with players expressing their excitement and love for the game.

Project Planet offers players a variety of ways to end the world, from swarms of locusts to deadly viruses. However, given recent events, players may want to avoid airborne diseases. The game promises a unique and exciting experience.

If you’re ready to unleash the destruction and test your survival skills, Project Planet will be available on Steam starting September 25th.

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