According to experts, tai chi is a sport that will keep you fit throughout your life.

tai chi This martial art has many health benefits, mental as well as physical. Get started with this sport stay fit All your life

The only secret to feeling good and having more energy is to wear stylish clothes. healthy life wherein Healthy diet and regular exercise practice. There are countless different activities you can do, but one of the best ways to stay in shape is tai chi Moreover, it is a discipline can be adapted to any regardless of their age, gender or physical abilities.

What is tai chi and why is it one of the best exercises to keep fit?

tai chi, also known as taijiquan, It is an ancient martial art of Chinese origin, which brings great benefits for both physical and mental development.

“It is understood as a series of movements that represent contexts and situations occurring in nature itself,” he explains. wikika Costa, personal trainer and nutrition expert. The results of the practice of this discipline become noticeable in a relatively short period of time, since, although it is based on slow and relaxed movements, the general muscles of the body work. Thus, aspects such as flexibility, coordination, balance or strength.

Relaxed tai chi movements continue breathing rhythm, which also plays a very important role in this Eastern discipline practiced by countless people all over the world. He is also known as mobile meditation.

The most important types of tai chi

Depending on the repertoire of movements, postures and exercises, five main types of tai chi are distinguished:

  • Tai Chi Cheng: It was created by Chen Wangting (1580-1660), a Ming Dynasty soldier who assimilated various martial arts techniques to create his own modality. It is based on five exercises, with a total of 108 postures.
  • Tai Chi Yang: Based on the thoughts of master Yang Luchan (1799-1872), it has long and calm movements in which the breathing rhythm and momentum do not change, making it suitable for beginners and the elderly.
  • Tai Chi Wu: It owes its name to Wu Quan (1834-1902), a student of Yang Luchan, and is one of the most practiced. It is very similar to the previous one, but with simpler poses and smoother movements.
  • Tai Chi Hao: It was created by master Hao Yueru (1877-1935) and is a variation of the Wu style that includes slow and steady jumps.
  • Tai Chi Sun: Master Sun Lutang (1860-1933) combined tai chi movements with those of other martial arts such as Xingyiquan or Baguazhang to create this modality.

health benefits of tai chi

“Tai chi movements were conceived and developed as methods of personal defense,” they explain from zoreda school, devoted himself to teaching this martial art. However, in them, softness is more important than hardness, and relaxation is more important than strength, which gives us peace, confidence and well-being on a mental and physical level. From the aforementioned center, they list the main health benefits of practicing this discipline:

  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Reduce stress and control anxiety.
  • Corrects incorrect posture, strengthens and straightens the back.
  • Tones muscles and improves joint mobility.
  • Focuses the mind and promotes concentration.
  • Corrects hypertension.
  • Fight insomnia.

How long is a tai chi class?

Most often, a tai chi lesson lasts from an hour and an hour and a half depending on the group and its goals, although the most experienced may train for up to two hours. “For beginners, an hour is ideal because you can practice enough without risking fatigue or fatigue from the amount of reps,” he says. Javier Arnantz, sports psychologist and martial arts instructor.

How to start doing tai chi at home: elementary class

If you want to start doing tai chi, Teresa Menchen, A qigong and qigong instructor and head of the martial arts school that bears her name in Madrid offers an initiation lesson on her YouTube channel. It only lasts 30 minutes and you can easily make it at home. The expert notes that if there is a higher level, the exercises can be repeated twice.


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