A documentary about a real case became the most watched Netflix Argentina

With the aim of updating its content for its users, the advent of a production based on a real case quickly became one of the most watched.

Netflix.  Photo: Unsplash
Netflix. Photo: Unsplash

netflix has new number 1 in Argentina. In your goal of updating your content for your users, the arrival of Production Most of the sightings soon began to take place regarding a real case.

It’s about “Depp vs. Heard”, a production originally from the United Kingdom, which was released recently and is already very popular. Follow the scandalous trial between well-known actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard,

netflix documentary The Netflix documentary “Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard” will premiere on August 16 with 3 episodes. Photo Twitter @MundialMusicaMx

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official summary

“In a media circus full of misinformation, who decides the verdict? In this structure of the case between Depp and Heard, the courtroom is wide open…”, says official summary Show directed by Emma Cooper from Netflix.

across three episodesThe series follows the testimony of both protagonists and the analysis of the verdict that impressed Hollywood and generated great reviews on social networks.

“Depp vs. Heard” Trailer

Agent Stone, Gal Gadot.  Photo: Netflix.

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