Youth mental health

The employment plan called “El Cabildo Prevents Health” has expanded its workshops focused on Mental health care and prevention for young people living in Antigua and Betancuria. Throughout the summer, this program, which involves a psychologist and a social worker, reached young people in the motor group. betantigua.

Nuria Cabrera, Minister for the Promotion of Employment, emphasizes the importance of young people having space to manage their emotions even during the summer season. The event created an environment for group cohesion and strengthened bonds between the participants. There were moments that were destined to come out of shame and establish an emotional rapprochement among those present, to evoke laughter and unexpected emotions that provided space for the emotional release of young people.

Counselor Nuria Cabrera expresses gratitude to Betantigua, one of the driving groups created by the Department of Youth Affairs under the leadership of Adargoma Hernandez. This collaboration with city halls aims to establish connections between youth and create an enabling environment for dynamization and decision-making.

As part of the program, seminars on learning and personal growth were also held in Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation during this summer. A total of four sessions were held to promote group cohesion and integration in a relaxed environment, appeal to concepts and healthy habits in prevention and personal well-being.

Nuria Cabrera, Minister for Employment Promotion, notes the positive results obtained after the evaluation of the project, emphasizing the importance and necessity of providing these spaces for prevention and mental health work.

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