With this AI APP you can clone any singer’s voice

A user on the social network shared via Instagram an artificial intelligence (AI) app that allows you to clone the voice of any singer. This tool allows anyone to recreate another person’s voice in one go, in just a few seconds.

In this show, an internet user explains how to clone Luis Miguel’s voice so he can sing an Ed Sheeran song. I said that the beta version of the application is impressive.

The page is named and the steps to create the file are as follows: In the beginning interface, click Create Voice, then click New Voice, and then go to the document with the audio of the artist singing.

Then, select 300 epochs so that the sound is well heard, and later the file is converted by AI. After the previous steps, within the page, select My Voices and upload the song you want to sing in the voice of the artist that has just been cloned.

The platform also gives an option to upload the audio recorded by the person singing so that the AI ​​turns into the preferred artist. The hardware allows for female and male voices and also has the ability to change tone.

All the AI ​​APP needs is a short sample of the human voice you want to repeat and you will learn it in no time.

Day by day artificial intelligence (AI) is entering with new functions ranging from creation of images, audios, videos etc. Specifically, artists and Internet users share their content.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence technology has advanced. More and more people join this event. They are evil companies that create new AI tools to distract you.

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