Why doesn’t a nutritionist recommend the Naturhouse diet?

Patricia Ortega

In all these years that I have been working as a dietitian-nutritionist in clinical practice, there have been many patients who have been following various types of “miracle” diets for years in order to lose weight. That is why in this article, using the Naturhouse diet as an example, I want to tell you why I do not recommend this type of diet.

pull-out diets

diet box

They usually consist of closed menus with almost zero flexibility. In addition, in some cases, these tend to be “box diets” that are completely unadapted to your tastes and lifestyle. What can produce this? Which is very difficult to maintain in the long run due to the lack of variety and uniformity and, as is usually the case in many cases, you abandon the process halfway.

Restrictions without scientific justification

They are also often accompanied by food restrictions without any scientific justification. For example, reduce or eliminate carbohydrate intake, limit certain fruits and nuts, weighing absolutely everything … And while for healthy weight loss, you may need to increase the frequency of consumption of certain food groups, it is not necessary to prohibit absolutely nothing. .

They can be more expensive than consulting a dietitian-nutritionist

In many cases, these types of restrictive weight loss recommendations are also usually accompanied by the need to consume supplements and/or meal replacements which are also completely unnecessary. If we look at some of the labels, such as some bars that are generally recommended, we might notice the poor nutritional quality they provide (sugars, sweeteners, etc.); in addition to a significant increase in the cost of the process. To lose weight, you only need raw materials, nothing else.


They only look at your weight

As for the measurement of results, they are usually recorded only in the total weight. Why is this measure not objective at all? Because it won’t take into account whether the weight loss is fat, muscle mass, water… The evolution of volume or other health parameters will also not be evaluated.

For these reasons and more, I recommend that if you want to lose weight, do it right from the start. self-care and changing eating habits. Contact a professional dietician-nutritionist give you some advice personalized and offer you the educational tools you need to enjoy the process and reach your goals.

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