What’s Happening To Travis Scott In Egypt And Why Are They Accusing Him Of Satanism And Anxiety

I want to hear rapper Travis Scott Van’s new project in growing, utopia I have to return the artist to the studio to record all the work I’ve been waiting to present next 28 julyAfter his last album, AstroworldLaunched in 2018.

Anticipations of the disc’s arrival came to fruition through a performance that promised to be as historic as it was symbolic. Pyramids of Guiza as scenery, However, it was recently discovered through Egypt todaythat the Egyptian government does not agree to accept Scott’s art, alleging the singer’s show plans “Satanic”, “Masons” and “contrary to values ​​and tradition” by country.

l Egyptian Federation of Music Professions, The entity responsible for issuing licenses to hold concerts has announced the cancellation of the disc’s presentation, alleging a long list of “problems” with the presentation, which has been blamed on “the Egyptian people”. values ​​and traditions”, as declared by Mohammad Abdullah on behalf of the Sangh.

In coordination with the country’s Ministry of Culture, which is represented by the Censorship Authority of Artistic Works and the Ministry of Works, Abdullah refers to the need to “guarantee the safety and security of the audience” in the Egyptian medium, and states: Si Bien el Syndicato de Musicos has welcomed various forms of art and music events in recent months, it has established conditions and rules for Protecting the customs and traditions inherited by the Egyptian people,

The country’s newsletters also reported what happened, arguing that the American rapper “is known for being a staunch supporter of the Afrocentric organization opposing World Masonry and Egypt”, besides carrying out “a whole series”. To give satanic ritesat their shows, where their music “transmits negative energy”.

in a statement to BoardThe producer in charge of the promising Live Nation event has denied that Travis Scott’s performance has been canceled or modified: “There are no changes to the Travis Scott show in Egypt; any reports to the contrary are false. We celebrate looking forward to utopia With you in Egypt!”

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