Valorant: Double Drop For EMEA, LOUD Surprises One Of VCT Champions Favorites

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Back to action Champions Teams are ready to aim to be the best in the world, having seen the preliminary stage where the teams were able to show what they are capable of, only 8 teams have reached this level, but now maximum glory is at stake. and we have a mental reset of the rosters to be able to be the best in the world.


Starting with what has become a world classic, on the one hand fnatic arrives as one of the favorite squads, on the other loud seeks to defend the title, starting from the map ascent where everything looked very even in the first half, which leaves 6-6, in the second part kauanzine He would be the one to give him the key information to be able to finish the match 13-11 in favor of the Brazilians. For the second match we have a choice Lotus Laud’s detachment managed to bring the situation under control thanks to blades who have taken several important losses with which they went 8-4, the role reversal would be even more beneficial for the Brazilian squad, who managed to get rounds in a row with Less who dominated the defensive side, which would have helped them close the game 13-6.

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The second game will FOOT against paper rex with a map of ascent where the European squad starts the confrontation positively thanks to Mr Falin who manages to take some important losses for them, managing to make it 8-4, in the second half, the PAC champion team managed to abuse their lineup, having Reyna in their hands anything with whom they played aggressively in order to be able to close the map with a score of 13-10. The second scenario will Pearl with the PRX team, which dominated the match, demonstrating their high level Forsaken one who has made significant losses has a score of 11:1 when switching sides D4v41 will be able to finish the match with a dominant score of 13-4.

This is how date #9 ends with big surprises as part of the VCT Champions, on the one hand, the team loud manages to redeem himself after the difficult starting phase he had and now defeats one of the favorites to win the title, on the other hand, exotic strategies paper rex They are bringing down a FUT roster that has performed well throughout the tournament by continuing the actions of the last teams that have made it to this stage and we will see who will start to break out of the top four in the world.

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