Travis Barker wants to give his and Kourtney Kardashian’s baby a very sci-fi name. glamor uk

Baby Barker will already have a lot going for him. A reality-famous mom in Kourtney Kardashian, a rocker-drummer dad in Travis Barker, and possibly a very unique name. Later this year, the as yet unknown baby may be born…Rocky Thirteen.

Is that…a play on Blink-182? or something else? He won’t be the only Rocky in Hollywood—Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.’s son has the same name—but it’s a lot…seven out of nine, no?

Barker came up with the idea during a conversation with his daughter, Alabama. Complex magazine, in which he disputed the name of the children “Goat” (the greatest of all time). He likes Audemars, which, you know, makes Rocky Thirteen pretty normal. At least we all know how to spell it.

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On the one hand, this is a family that already has a Psalm, a Saint, and a Stormi. On the other hand, the Courtney branch tends to be the most common: Mason and Penelope are relatively common names. Then…rule.

Father and daughter agree that the name Rocky Thirteen is “bad”, but Barker likes the bad, name-checking drummer and the fact that the number is “just the biggest” integer. Also, if my calculations are correct, this baby would be Kris Jenner’s 13th grandchild. does he realize?

Of course, none of this will matter at all if Kourt and Trav change their minds later. Fueled by postpartum hormones, Kylie Jenner named her son Wolf, though she never actually called him that and then immediately regretted it. He is now, legally, on the air. On the Barker side of things, we have the previously mentioned Alabama and son Landon.

In the full video, which you can watch here, the father-daughter duo also discuss Bakri Car and Bakri Geet. Am I the only one who thinks Travis Barker should name the baby Goat Barker? Or Vegas after their first (attempted) marriage? Or Portofino, after their actual, Italian wedding? Spitballin just for you!

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