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How can you turn a season of beach and sun into a series of dramatic events? Maybe you just have to be a teenager for life around you to start changing without any prior notice.

at least that’s the case with the young hero Bailey (Lola Tung)who has enjoyed the summer months at her mom’s best friend’s house for years, Susannah (Rachel Blanchard) beside his two sons, Conrad (Christopher Briny) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), Another Verano and one more in line in the summer i became beautiful (Prime Video) found an audience in the first season itself, Bailey’s reality begins to distort.

On the ground she looks different—more adult, more warm—but Conrad seems to cast a negative shadow, who secretly considered Bailey to be more than a friend.

But what happens to friendship when you cross the line of love? It’s one of the lessons Bailey and other teens will have to learn as part of this increasingly long journey.

The second season of the series successfully premiered a few weeks ago And now you can watch all its episodes on Prime Video (the last episode arrived today). In new chapters, An unexpected visitor threatens the future of Susanna’s beloved home Bailey must rally her friends to take action, in addition to deciding once and for all where her heart lies.

from book to streaming

Today’s Most Viewed Teen Dramas on Prime Video It’s the figment of writer Jenny Han’s imaginationwho originally published his novel in 2009, then there is no summer without you (2010) or we will always have summer (2011)Converting his story into a literary trilogy.

In previous years, Han had also enjoyed streaming success with Netflix-inspired productions. to all the boys i’ve loved before (2018) and what is counted among the most reproduced on that platform.

“Sometimes they ask me How can I, an adult, write from the perspective of a teen? Sometimes they ask me why. Why write about teenagers? It’s not really a dignified question with an answer, but I thought of giving it a try, even if only because it gives me A reason to reaffirm the things I love about childhood, about writing fiction for young adults, about the delightfully bittersweet experience of adolescence.”The author reflected in an essay on 42 years net a porter,

“As an adult, you get used to a little change. You know that nothing will last forever. But the feelings of teenagers are true, Noisy and honest (…) Being young can be very difficult, but it can also be very lovely. It is my most precious hope that hardness, sweetness, lightning and pain appear in my books as they appear in life.

Gracias A Su Xito, Si Bien Han continues her work as a writer –one of their best sellers new York Times, Today she also has her own producer, Jenny Kissed Me, which focuses on telling stories for teenagers at any age.

is also the executive producer of xo, kitty (Netflix) United Nations By-product of the universe For all boys.

United Nations soundtrack swifty

i fell in love in the summer There’s an additional ingredient that has ruined the internet: From Season 1, The soundtrack to the series is made up of several songs by singer Taylor Swift, Including part of This Love, a 1989 album (Taylor’s version), which has not yet been officially released to the market.

Others in the second season include: august it is invisible string (from folklore) or last Kiss (Taylor’s version). He also ropes in other rising stars like Olivia Rodrigo Driver’s license or deja vu,

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