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These are the most sought after titles by Netflix subscribers. (infobay)

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Squid Game and Euphoria are just some of the titles that are part of it. golden season of television series of the new millennium, which is characterized by being promoted across different platforms in the war of streaming.

Due to the quality of the script, production, actors and its format, Netflix has become one of the Audience Preferred Platform To see these types of presentations.

1. Depp vs. Heard

The series, which intertwines the testimonies of the protagonists for the first time, analyzes the verdict that rocked Hollywood and the reviews that sparked the Internet.

2. Ballers

This new comedy focuses on the lives of a group of American football players, both current and retired, including Spencer Strasmore, played by Dwayne Johnson ‘La Roca’ in his first leading role for the television series. Strasmore is a football superstar who, after retiring, tries to relocate his life to Miami while devoting himself to becoming a mentor to other players within the competitive football business.

3. Kimetsu no Yaiba

Since ancient times, rumors have circulated about cannibalistic demons waking up in the woods. Because of this, the local people do not go out at night. Legend has it that even an assassin of demons roams the night chasing these bloodthirsty demons. For young Tanjirou, these rumors would soon become a harsh reality. Since his father’s death, Tanjirou has been committed to supporting his family. When his life can be hardened by tragedy, he has found happiness. But that short-lived warmth is destroyed one day when Tanjirou learns that his family has been exiled and the only survivor, his sister Nezuko, turns into a demon. However, to her surprise, Nezuko also shows signs of human emotion and thought.

4. Mi Feliz Matrimonio (TV series)

TV series (2023). Mio is from an aristocratic family who is treated harshly by her stepmother and her fiance, a soldier who left his ex-fiancé three days after the wedding. With no place to return, Mio tries to open her heart to the soldier, despite her discouraging past.

5. Deadly Potion

It delves deep into the opiate crisis in the United States through the eyes of those responsible, the victims, and a researcher seeking the truth.

6. Chosen

Jodi is 12 years old and lives in the state of Baja California Sur. And now she knows that she has the same powers as Jesus Christ. Will he be able to fulfill his destiny?

7. King the Land (TV series)

In the midst of a battle for control of a company, a charming herder meets a dedicated employee with an irresistible smile all their own.

8. Behind Your Touch

9. Heart palpitations

Charlie, an overly nervous thinker and openly gay, and Nick, a jovial and good-natured rugby player, meet at a British primary school for children. Friendship blossoms quickly, but could there be anything more…? Based on the successful HEARTSTOPPER graphic novel series by Alice Osman.

10. A Perfect Account

After her marriage, Margot feels she has lost her way. What you don’t suspect is that David’s irresistible chaos is just what he needs to give his life direction.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking due to the fact that they are different episodes, seasons or deliveries, infinitude, may not bring details because the platform does not provide them.

Netflix has become the king of streaming for its series and movies. (Reuters/Mike Blake)

Netflix is ​​a streaming service Which has become one of the most important platforms and which has already managed to make significant changes in the way we watch and enjoy series and movies.

Its massive success has inspired other big companies to launch their own streaming services, as is the case with Disney+ and HBO, however, they haven’t been able to create the same reach as before. customers N has such a huge list.

Although it began as a company that offered DVD rental service through postal mail, it was in 2011 when the company began operations outside the United States and Canada, streaming in Latin America and the Caribbean. Offered by its catalogue. After a year it will reach Europe and later some countries in Asia as well.

In 2011 the company took the risk to start producing its own content, starting with the successful series House of cardsUnder whose leadership he made his studio in 2016. For 2018 it will be defined as a global internet television series.

Its catalog includes films that have won Academy Awards, multi-awarded and viral series like Squid Game, or important products like La Casa de Papel in Spanish. Netflix first managed to get nominated for an Oscar in 2014 thanks to the documentary The Square.

It’s important to highlight that Netflix’s content varies by region time, so it is possible that many titles are not available in different regions than in other regions.

Productions available on Netflix can be enjoyed on SmartTVs, video game consoles, decoders, smartphones, computers, tablets and more. The platform also has a number of packages that, cost wise, will limit the number of times you can watch content simultaneously on different devices, if you can enjoy it in HD, FHD or UHD and more.

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