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In a relationship of nearly eight years, it’s normal to have moments of crisis, and it seems like Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez went through this last year. From the days of extreme pain in childbirth, to the death of one of the children they were expecting, to CR7’s despair that, for the first time, things were not taking off in his career, it all came together. The departure ended as, for the first time, time left the couple at opposite poles.

For about a month, they were barely together. Georgina then left Saudi Arabia and returned to Madrid with the youngest children, while CR7 remained in Riyadh with Cristiano Ninho, the longest period of separation the two had experienced in their relationship. Then all the alarm bells started ringing, with some media claiming that a separation could happen in the near future and public discussions also reporting some moments of greater tension between the two.

However, while more and more people believed that Ronaldo and Georgina were going to separate, the two appeared together at the presentation of the player’s new alkaline water, which showed that the relationship would last and that this less positive moment A lesson will be learned, which is that together they are effectively stronger and ‘divorce’ will not be the best option.

Georgina Rodríguez sums up her special summer with Cristiano Ronaldo and the kids

children unite couples

The children contributed a lot in this decision of the relationship fight. love kids
In Spanish style, there are those who guarantee that Cristianinho, Eva, Alana, Mateo and Bella Esmeralda are a great unifying factor between CR7 and Georgina, who, however, have already taken precautions with regard to the future in which they may separate. We are, because after almost eight years of being together, there is a lot at stake.

As already mentioned, there will also be A signed deed that outlines what Georgina’s life would be like in the event of a separation and that leaves her in a particularly advantageous financial position, guaranteeing her a millionaire pension and even a luxury villa at La Finca gives.In Madrid, it costs several million euros, recently renovated.

New images of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina with baby Bella

they are already a brand

However, regardless of the amount of money he will raise in the event of a split, the truth is that Gio’s image is more valuable as Ronaldo’s partner and vice versa. Over the past few years, the couple has already used this valuable brand position to mount advertising campaigns and sign the most lucrative deals of their lives, especially for the Spanish woman: The reality show in which he shows his entire life is on Netflix, and whose two seasons have already paid off in gold.

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Georgina premieres the new season of her reality show

In addition to all these factors, what Jio has seen and heard with Ronaldo over the years, the model is currently one of the people Ronaldo trusts the most and, therefore, knows all his great secrets. Of course, such a prenuptial agreement that they would have signed would also have a confidentiality clause, but still, better to play it safe…

the love that conquers all

Despite knowing that they are a valuable brand and, like many other power couples, they know that being together is worth more to them than being apart, is it time for Georgina and Ronaldo to overcome the first major crisis in their relationship? And this was not the reason to stay together from the sidelines. Those who know the couple guarantee that there is “a lot of love” between the two and it is this feeling that drives them to be together and is what caused the model to leave her golden haven in Madrid and return to Saudi Arabia. It was lying Family.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo having fun with their kids in Riyadh

If it is true that Xiao has never felt properly integrated in a country where women’s rights are still a serious issue, the truth is that she has already shown that she is willing to make some sacrifices for love. always knows that this is a phase that will not last forever and that in no time everyone will be back in Europe.

Nevertheless, it is expected that, throughout the year, Georgina and her children will spend periods of time in Madrid with others in Riyadh, especially at a time when Ronaldo does not feel so alone in Arabia anymore, as his right hand Besides, another best friend of Ricardo Regufe now lives in Riyadh. CR7 joins José Semedo in the playing structure of El Nasser and, gradually, he shifts his world from Portugal to Saudi Arabia, where he already feels less alone with his friends, as well as That only leaves more room for maneuver for Georgina. Take a breather and spend a few seasons at the mansion of La Finca in Madrid.

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