The Giants return from the Valorant World Cup with a positive balance

giantsesports club from Malaga, makes more than a positive balance of its first season in the international elite valiant. After passing through los angeles worldin which the Costa del Sol organization reached the top 9-12, the Giants end their year in Valorant Tour of Champions in which he excelled target after target and which strengthened him as best spanish team in one of the most important video game competitions of the moment. Players and managers will rest for a few weeks before starting preparations for the 2024 campaign.

“We exceeded all expectations”notes David Alonso ‘Lozark’, sporting director of the Giants. David Alonso, who is in charge of the line-up, has been living with the band almost since its full formation, back in November of last year. Sao PauloBerlin, Los Angeles. Alonso participated in all tournaments and events that the Valorant de Giants team participated in the first season of the VCT, a scheme created by riot game to enhance the professional scene of your first person shooter and it combines Top 30 Clubs e-sports in the world. In short, the Giants sports director witnessed the growth of the block, which has excited the entire Spanish-speaking community of Valorant. Performance Fitinho, Rhyme, Nukkye, Cloud and Hoodyheaded by Pipson and Milanleft in memory.

“I think few or almost no one thought at first that we could go this far. I was convinced that we had potential and we could do something importantIt’s also in the DNA of the Giants that it’s always the drive to win and compete against anyone. But then all this had to be demonstrated on the server. A lot of variables come into play: the players have to be matched to each other so that everyone has the same understanding of what we want to do, everyone’s personalities fit … But a great group has formed, both outside and inside the game. Like I said, you should have demonstrate this ability on the server and I think we did it,” says Alonso.

The Giants’ accomplishments in this VCT are summarized as follows: fourth place in the EMEA region leaguesecond only to the all-powerful Fnatic, NaVi and Team Liquid who also compete in the Valorant Champions competition; qualifying for the playoffs; overwhelming victory in the “last chance qualification”; and historical qualification for the world championship. In Los Angeles, they dreamed of defeating the best team in China, Edward GamingVictory over CRYone of the most successful establishments in Latin America, and another unsuccessful attempt against EDward Gaming in the playoffs. He only needed to go to the Tokyo event that is associated with the leagues of each international region and the Champions League, which is the official name of the World Cup, which takes place in the North American city until Saturday, the 25th.

“Already participating in the World Cup is definitely a milestone. the biggest milestone in Giants history; In addition, we were the only representative of Spain in the competition, says Alonso. – It was a very difficult group, as both EDG as Paper Rexwho went through the “winners grid” and therefore we did not meet, they are potential top 4 in the world. However, we almost won the first game and beat the second well. Already in the third we didn’t have many options, it was a very difficult match. The sadness of not being able to make the playoffs will definitely give way satisfaction for all life and achieved,” says the Giants component.

Sadness for those who want to win this Adolfo Gallego from Vigo ‘Fitinho’the best Spanish player and the emblem of the Giants, embodied with her tears at the end of the match of the last match against EDward Gaming. The gesture that caused storm support for which it is a reference to the national as well as the European Valorant. “Fitinho – a symbol of the club and the player I believed in the most in my career. He always said that we would play in the World Cup, and so it was. His work and the work of his colleagues were atrocious. And, in particular, he has grown a lot. He is one of the best duelists there is, and its ceiling is still very high,” Lozark says. Fitinho was part of the first Giants Valorant roster and after a short spell out of Malaga’s organization returned to his home in early 2021. brought the giants and his evolution went hand in hand with the development of the Costa del Sol club in Valorant. His 72 kills in his World Cup debutas well as the signing of one of the competition’s most outstanding draws, confirm his status as a dominant player.

Fitinho grew up like Cloud, Hoody, Nukki and Rhyme have all grown up under the guidance of the head coach Pipson, returned to the Giants to complete the work he left unfinished at the end of 2021 when G2 took over part of that roster, which also included Hoody. The synergy of the group has increased in a few months, the group that starred in epic duels against NRG, NaVi, Team Liquid, KOI, EDward Gaming or KRÜ, among others. Players and technicians are now resting in their homes before returning to training. The Valorant Champions Tour, which in 2024 will increase to 33 participantsone per region of the world – in the EMEA region, the French rose from gentlemen – is already visible on the horizon. Before you have the opportunity to test yourself at the national level, in spanish crossfire which takes place from October to November.

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