The Chef’s Method to Lose 40kg Without Miracle Diets

The Shikote Diet: The Chef’s Way to Lose 40kg Without Miracle Diets

If you followedAlberto Chicotein their TV programs, social networks or restaurants, you have probably noticed impressive physical changes it has endured since it was released to the public. After many years of battling “very overweight”, by his own account, and reached 115 kgchef decided to take advantage of his work in diet plan to change your habits. “When you start to see the results and how it works, you start to feel much better and say: it’s over, I’m not going back to what it was before,” Chikote recalls.

How it was? We reveal the secret of the Shikote diet

shikot diet It is based on three main pillars: “good nutrition, exercise and perseverance”. This is not a magic formula or a miracle diet.. Shikote always emphasized in his interviews that “never” sat on a miracle dietand its transformation is the result of years of dedication and effort.

In your case, in addition to controlling yourfeedingaccustomedwalk for an hour and a half or walk on a treadmill what do you have at home while watching the series. This was complemented by classes in the gym.

The incredible change in his appearance was so noticeable that not a day goes by without someone asking him about it. her secretweight loss. Shikote, aware of the interest that his method generates, gives some advice to those who want to go on a similar journey:contact a nutritionist and see what you must do.”

Shikote’s diet had a positive effect on his health, but did not save him from receiving a medical diagnosis, which made him even more concerned about his well-being. Shortly after he started taking care of himself, he was diagnosed with type II diabetes. “I lost 40 kg and began to lead a healthier lifestyle, and one day my doctor told me: “Hey, come to the office.” And take a gift,” he recalls.

shikot emphasizes what to wear balanced diet and health is worth it and it shouldn’t be boring. “Proper nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. You can eat tasty and healthy,” he says. In addition, it emphasizes that a heart-healthy diet does not mean eating only fried hake or chicken with salad. The main thing is to enjoy the variety. nutritious and balanced diet.

Eventually, V shikot diet is a testament to the power of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. If you want to improve your health and wellness, Chicote’s story is a great example of not having to resort to miracle diets. You just need a sense of purpose, perseverance, and a willingness to make healthy changes in your life.

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