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The Disney+ streaming platform is best known for the best movies and series belonging to the popular Disney catalogue, including Marvel or Lucasfilm. But it also has a good number of documents on a wide variety of topics.

Disney+ also includes National Geographic content

Some of these documents have been produced by National Geographic, whose content is also available to subscribers of the Disney+ streaming platform. Check out the list of best docs on the platform:

The Best Documentaries from National Geographic on Disney Plus

,“Apollo: Mission to the Luna”, More than half a century after producing man’s first arrival at Luna, the feat continues to impress and fascinate. This National Geographic documentary (whose content can also be viewed on the Disney+ streaming platform) covers the missions of the Apollo program in full.

They show, from first to last, the number 17, the last manned visit to our satellite in 1972. Thanks to the archived content, you can experience the complete journey from Tierra a la Luna. In addition, the preparations and testimonies of the participants of a historical event are also revealed.

,“before it’s too late”, Directed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, viewers will be exposed to the dangers of climate change. Its purpose is to make them aware of the damage that humans have already done to the environment. It is also about the future consequences and what can be done to deal with it.

,“Becoming a Cousteau”, Thanks to his documentary series, since the 1970s, the undersea world has become such an unknown world for a large part of humanity. This documentary comes close to a portrait of the famous French oceanographer and submarine explorer Jacques Cousteau. The base is over 550 hours of archival material. It contains audio diaries of over a hundred hours. There are also interviews with associates and crew members of the famous boat Calypso.

,Volcano: The Tragedy of Katya and Maurice Krafft, It tells the intriguing story of a pair of intrepid volcanologists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, who have traveled the planet for years. Everyone had to document and investigate volcanic eruptions, unfortunately, he died in one of these cataclysms that happened in 1991.

,“rescue”, When a dozen young soccer players became trapped along with their coach in a flooded cave in northern Thailand, the world shuddered. All kinds of resources were mobilized to try to save them from the labyrinth of flooded underground tunnels. Against time, your life was in danger with each passing minute.

Other Exclusive Documents from National Geographic

-“Operation Amelia”: Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the sunken remains of the Titanic, tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of adventurer and aviator Amelia Earhart in 1937. With him, while returning to the world in his airplane, contact was lost in the middle of a single aerial crossing over the Pacific Ocean. You don’t know what your luck was until it stopped. A brave and inspirational woman who has attracted both her significant achievements and the mystery of her disappearance.

,“Jane”, Building on over a hundred hours of material, including previously unreleased recordings from the 1960s, this documentary portrays Jane Goodall, the world’s most famous primatologist. It follows his own writing about his investigation and reckoning with an extraordinary soundtrack by Philip Glass. The result is an invasion of chimpanzee habitats in Africa, their customs, their habits and the danger they pose.

,“Bienvenidos a la Tierra”, With recognized director Darren Aronofsky (“Pie”, “Requiem Por Un Sueño”, “La Ballena”) behind the camera, actor Will Smith accompanies a team of explorers and volcanologists to the bottom of a crater. Its objective is to install sensors that allow detailed monitoring of the volcano’s activity. But this is not the only landscape, both extreme and beautiful, disturbing and fascinating, that this documentary uses. Besides being spectacular, it offers a whole new perspective on our planet.

,“Free Singles”, Climber Alex Arnold became the first person to climb Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan wall without the help of keys. It is a 914 meter vertical and solitary hazaana in which the hold itself has formed a straight line so as not to hinder the ascent. Moreover, it should be performed even by experienced climbers who, without hands and feet, followed Arnold’s ascent at a short distance.

The Best Documentaries on Disney Plus from Other Producers

,“Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian”, Documentary series in 10 chapters about the shooting of the first two seasons of the successful series “The Mandalorian” (available on Disney+). It is a collateral attempt at the wider Star Wars Universe. It stars Pedro Pascal and was created by Dave Filoni, one of the names responsible for taking these ingredients to new heights. The series featured interviews with actors, directors, producers and screenwriters. All of them tell many anecdotes, explore curiosities and present a rich overview.

,“Come back”, Peter Jackson, director of the adaptations of “El Señor de los Anilos” and “El Hobbit,” condenses more than 50 hours of lost material corresponding to the 1970 recording of “Let It Be” in this documentary series. Documentation exists on the recording process for The Beatles’ album of the same name. The result is a journey into the past and into the creative process of the most influential group in music history.

,“Imperio de Sueños: The History of the Star Wars Trilogy”, This documentary, which premiered in 2004, precisely at the moment of greatest influence of Trilogía de las Preculas, focuses on how the original Trilogía exerted a decisive influence on the way cinema was produced and disseminated. It shows how some films become not only global phenomena and hits with massive scale, but also social and cultural impact.

,“Obi-Wan Kenobi: Return of the Jedi”, With the series “Obi Wan Kenobi”, Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen returned to their roles after more than three glosses were removed from the cameras of the Star Wars universe. Fans of the galactic saga will enjoy watching the end of the race. Also from testimonials from both actors (as well as the rest of the technical and creative team) who encountered the recording of the series.

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