Software that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux.

CrossOver 23.0 is paid open source software that allows users to run Windows applications on Linux systems and other platforms. It offers improved support for Windows applications and also supports the development of the Wine project.

The latest version of CrossOver 23.0 contains over 5,000 application changes and improvements. It uses Wine 8.0.1 as a base and includes updates to components such as Wine Mono 7.4.0, vkd3d 1.8, DXVK 1.10.3 and MoltenVK 1.2.3.

One of the major updates in CrossOver 23.0 is the ability to uninstall Windows applications installed through CrossOver. Now it is very easy to uninstall the application; You only need to access the right side menu, right click on the application name in “Installed Software” and select “Uninstall”. CrossOver will also remove uninstalled application launchers.

Another major addition is support for the EA app on Linux and macOS. This allows users to play games like The Sims 4, Titanfall 2, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. When running EA App games through Steam, users must install “EA App for Steam” into their bottle to ensure that the necessary dependencies are installed.

CrossOver 23.0 also includes several other improvements, such as compatibility with Diablo IV on Linux, improvements for macOS, performance improvements with winded3d, and bug fixes for applications such as Quicken, Steam, Rockstar Game Launcher, and Ubisoft Connect.

To test CrossOver 23.0, visit the official website where a 14-day free trial is available without the need to provide payment information.

For more information about this release, see the official announcement.

Note. This article contains affiliate links for CrossOver.

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