Selena Gomez’s Brand Rare Beauty Makes Over $70 Million From One Product

Founded by singer and actress on February 22, 2019 selena Gomez, in partnership with the cosmetics company SephoraThe ‘Rare Beauty’ It emerged in the midst of a competitive makeup market and today, it is popular for its moderate cost and good quality products.

The beauty products market is vulnerable to betting due to the large number of existing brands, which contributes to a greater variety of cosmetics and consumer uncertainty. Brands founded by celebrities, sometimes, do not keep up with the expected sales momentum and disappear, as is the case with celebrities. Addison Rae it is hyrum yarbroughwhose cosmetics sales were disrupted Sephora,

Rare Beauty makes over $70 million from just one product. (Photo: reproduction/@rarebeauty)


However, the success of rare beauty This year it turned out to be as expected and it is expected that the brand will earn more than three times the sales of last year. In 2022, the company managed to reach the figure of 3.1 million units of sales of just one product, blush Soft ‘Pinch Liquid Blush’The result of which was over US$70 million.

In the first quarter of that year, worldwide brand revenues totaled US$200 million, with the United States and France leading the sales rankings. It earned nearly US$38 million in the US in the month of June alone, also becoming the most consumed beauty brand in the country for the month of March.

key to success

Rare Beauty is fast making its way to the top brands as well ‘Fant Beauty’from singer Rihanna And this ‘Kylie CosmeticsS’ from Socialite Kylie Jenner, Thanks to marketing for creating trends and showing yourself on social networks. Selena Gomez’s image has been associated with the singer’s promotion on brands and social media, such as TIC TocFor example, short videos of a business woman applying makeup go viral and lead to searches for the products.

Featured photo: Selena Gomez for Rare Beauty. playback/@rarebeauty

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