Sam Asghari confirms his divorce from Britney Spears: The legal and financial battle begins People

The split between Britney Spears and Sam Asghari is official. On the ground, multiple sources confirm this to US media, as well as direct those involved. Hours after the split became public, the singer published a photo taken on a horse on her Instagram and explained that she was thinking of buying one, the dancer was candid and went to the cereal, she posted a photo on her profile. Posted a message explaining my problem.

“After six years of mutual love and devotion, my wife and you have decided to end your journey together. We will cherish the love and respect we have for each other and always wish the best”, Asgari said in a short picture attached to her stories Instagram ephemera, white words on a black background, Sin Arakas. Actors and dancers move with the hecha phrase and is very common in English”shit happens” (“Estas Miradas Ocuren” in Spanish), finally asking for respect from followers of the press: “Demanding privacy is ridiculous, so ask everyone, even the media, to be kind and considerate”.

Privacy is clearly impossible for one of the most media hyped singers in the United States and all over the world. This summer turned into a season of many, many, many breakups, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, for the American press and its readers, who have seen Spears go through all the phases: from child star to Up to the limit Successful pop singer, from a young man with mental problems to a prisoner of paternal guardianship, to an independent woman and seeking achievement for her children, divorced three times and without contact with her two sons. In this final phase, where he has been seen straying several times in his speeches and in the images he uploads to his social networks, Asgari has been his main support. But now that his relationship is over, he begins to highlight that overall it’s been so enjoyable and the past few months have been so rough that, apparently, he’s legit to get more than that. Formally ready to fight , in principle, it coincides.

Like all media and paid partners, there is a prenuptial agreement agreed to and signed by both parties that – according to USA Press every day – will retain 41-year-old Spears’ property and assets, which are estimated at $60 million (approx. ) exceeds 55 million Euro). However, Asgari’s 29-year-old divorce petition has been filtered out, which has since been accessed People to the BBC, and it can be read that the break is due to “irreconcilable differences”. But he also requests “spousal maintenance,” as well as that he be in charge of the legal costs of the process. Furthermore, it can be read that Asgari “reserves the right to amend” certain petitions relating to his properties and general matters. It has been decided that despite this agreement signed before their wedding, celebrated in June 2022, they will be determined to demand more of what was established and will fight for them in a legal battle that could lead to war .

American tabloids run, like no, too much. There are constant allegations of infidelity, which they put into the mouth of the actor of Iranian origin, but always through “very close sources”. Sources who talk about violent quarrels in marriage and assure that Britney Spears had an affair with a member of her household staff while she was still with Sam Asghari, and he, who images, intends to seek justice for herself. And, if you don’t get the money you want, threaten to expose scams and spread dirty talk. But it’s all, for the moment, tabloid meat, and I’ll have to cook it with tongs because it’s above all tmz, the main US Amarilist media, which echoes this information. Well, it is clear that they have to give them the benefit of the doubt, because it was they who were the first to tell about the divorce, a few hours before the other half; It is sure that you have good sources, but sometimes you don’t have such deep knowledge of the question and it is based on rumor about rumor. If blood flows in a river, you will have to wait for the courts.

What is clear is that, with this breakup, Spears falls into a state of loneliness. Asghari was his main support in these six years of relationship. The singer is not united with her family, and even a few months ago she published harsh words about them: “To this day, to be honest, my family has no conscience and in their true mind they believe that I don’t think anything bad. They could, at least, take responsibility for their actions and recognize the fact that they harmed me. Their legal team intends to sit on the bench with their pastor, Jamie, to Most of all, she owes him more than six million euros, which she claims is owed during her guardianship. Spears has also spoken with the harshness of her mother, Lynne, who has refused to resume the relationship. Have tried to talk to her on social networks for: “I feel so much for your pain! During all these years I felt it. I want you so much and echo you so little. Por favre, Desbloquem y hablamos en persona”, she wrote last October, to which Britney protested: “Ni una puentera persona has my defense. Mom, make your excuse and I’ll give yours!”. His relationship with his sister Jamie Lynn, actress, has been fraught with recriminations, money and direction over the years.

In addition, after being under the tutelage of her father for 13 years, the singer has only maintained a relationship with her two sons, 17-year-old Jayden and 16-year-old Shawn, nor with her ex-husband and the boys’ father, Kevin Federline; Nor did her first ex, Jason Alexander, the childhood friend she dated for 55 hours in 2004. Nina the prodigy who lived from filming to filming, doesn’t have many friends either from childhood or adulthood. Only half a hundred guests attended the wedding, including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez. As you can tell from their pictures, some of them, like Gomez, you don’t even know them in person until then. How much of his life he will share in his next autobiographical book, and how much of his story with Asgari, will be known in October.

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