Riot Games Unveils League of Legends ‘Mythic Variants’

Riot Games is introducing a new League of Legends concept called Mythic Variants. This concept focuses on exclusive tiered loot and aims to provide exclusive items to players looking for ultra rare and special content.

Unlike more affordable prestige skins, mythic variants offer special versions of existing legendary skins with unique items for champions. The first Mythic Variant skin added to the game is “Jhin Dark Cosmic Erase”. This skin is an updated version of Jin’s original Cosmic Wipe skin with reworked elements and a new art, icon, and frame.

To get Dark Cosmic Erase Jhin, players can take part in the stage system. By opening 29 Space Pods in 2023, players are guaranteed to receive the skin on the 30th capsule as a reward for reaching this intermediate rank. These modules are available for purchase during certain updates. In addition, there is a 1% chance to get a skin from capsules advancing along the trail. While the skin will eventually be added to the MOBA’s tradable item pool, it won’t be available to buy directly from the shop at first.

This new concept is designed to meet the needs of players who want prestigious and exclusive content. This gives them the opportunity to own special versions of their favorite skins with added unique elements. With the introduction of Mythic Variants, Riot Games continues to take into account the wishes of its community and add more variety to the game.

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