Review: The Intern (2015)

“Um Senhor Intern” is a fun and engaging film. That’s because the work benefits from the talents of Anne Hathaway (“Les Miserables”) and Robert De Niro (“The Godfather II”), now 80. Eventually, the two heavyweights reveal themselves as a pair in perfect harmony on the scene.

What can we learn from the movie Um Senhor Intern?

The film is directed by Nancy Meyers, who specializes in intelligent and intriguing romantic comedies such as “Somebody’s Gotta Give” and “Operation Cupid.” Hence, as always, the filmmaker adds charm to a light script. And as such, it gets you thinking about the topics you want to address. Here she reflects on the sexism and ageism that occurs in both companies and society at large.

Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the creator of a successful clothing sales website that, despite being only 18 months old, already has over two hundred employees. She leads a busy life due to the demands of her position and the fact that she enjoys being in contact with the public. So, the company starts a project to hire senior citizens as apprentices, in an attempt to get them back to work.

How would you summarize the movie Mr. Intern?

So, it’s up to him to work with widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro). At the age of 70, he leads a monotonous life and sees the internship as an opportunity to reinvent himself. Thus, no matter how much he faces the inevitable clash of generations, he soon wins over his co-workers. With this, he becomes even closer to Jules, who begins to see him as a friend.

Of course, much of the production’s charm is due to the fact that it stars two of the most capable actors of their respective generations. For example, Anne Hathaway is as versatile and charismatic as few others. Thus, she is able to create empathy and complexity for a character who could easily seem one-dimensional in her role as a “businesswoman”. After all, Jules is busy, sometimes angry, has her own insecurities, and is well-mannered as well. As such, many of the work’s best moments come from the character and some of his interactions with Ben, an intern played by Robert DeNiro, who shows charisma.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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