Review of Blue Beetle, DC’s Latin superhero

Less curios it turns out that, in the midst of the archetype that Warners has presented to its DC brand, including characters such as Batman and Superman, the studio has been able to unabashedly elevate its papers into an admirable dignity. Solving with , which as such deserves a better result. a method by which Glow and the sequel shazam, After several changes in direction and a promised chronological restart (this blue beetle, they say, is the first film in the new DC universe), the firm faces a competitive landscape with Marvel/Disney, with the fan sector confused and divided by the aborted narrative of Zack Snyder’s project and, in general, Some are marked by fatigue. gender. Something, it seems, that both one brand and the other have to face.

Conceived as an exclusive product of HBO Max by the previous management team, the film as defended bat girl stored directly in a cajon, but repurposed as a stage for the living room along the way, blue beetle It is also a work that directly targets Latin American audiences. The best part of the film directed by Puerto Rican angel Manuel Soto, speaking directly to this market, is that it is suitable and desirable for all sectors: blue beetle It’s a traditional origin story, but also and for that reason a more modest, starkly independent show (the movie could work in either the old DCEU or the new DCU) and a freshness that lets the characters breathe. something that is significant to the panorama in which it is born.

The strength of the film, where young student Jaime Reyes gains powers from an extraterrestrial technological device coveted by a corporate conglomerate, is that it plays to the competition with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Teen Comics and an I. No matter your biases in the depiction of everyday problems. The Latin factor comes into play with the concept of family that Ángel Manuel Soto, without restriction, depicts so well, so well that with the musical treatment of the film (more las versions of romantic themes by Luis Miguel which he reggaeton) becomes the best part of history. The protagonist’s historical Latin family portrait, worthy of a Mexican Folletin, is not only functional, but it has reason to be a film in which director Guinos al takes the effort to incorporate popular references specific to this diverse world, more than the DC universe. . , A legitimate attempt to contribute something and insert oneself into the system while preserving a certain notion of identity.

Therefore, it is best blue beetle -The film in which Soto prints is, in any case, an aesthetic with a difference, but it is tremendously colorful and showy- is in the background, which contrasts the aesthetic cutter de los culebrones with Limpia to Zolo Maridueña’s abuela Consumes and Vacua Verboria of the corporate video starring Susan Sarandon. The true story of the film lies in the origin and formation of this construction company, which deviates from its objectives after falling into the wrong hands; In Jaime Reyes’ attempts to dominate an armor that controls and understands, that which cannot dominate but which allows for interaction. This, and the subtle concept of his skins, whose visuals are similar to those of the famous El Santo, a masked Mexican fighter, provide ample density. blue beetle How to defend superhero cinema above and beyond cinematographic biases, even as a social engineering maneuver.

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