¿Que ver en el cine y el streaming?

In Pauta Finals, film and series critic Rodrigo Munizaga comes with several recommendations of films and series to watch this weekend.

in conversation with final agenda, In radio agendaFilm and Series Critic rodrigo munizaga I recommend new productions to watch in cinemas and streaming. Main features ofasteroid citynew movie by Wes AndersonY “depp vs herd”, the documentary del juicio that captures the attention of the world.

,asteroid city– Cine

Wes Anderson’s new film comes with a luxury cast. Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, margot robbie, Tilda Swinton, steve carell, Bryan Cranston, maya hawk, Edward NortonOther well-known faces from the industry will lead this new story.

The plot involves a group of school children and priests who arrive in a remote desert town We, Under the competition, its objective will be to observe and record astronomical events. However, in pure classic Anderson style, things begin to go off plan and a series of events occur that alter the group’s plans.

,depp vs herd“- Netflix

decision between Johnny Depp or Amber Heard Everyone’s eyes were snatched around the world. Netflix recognized this phenomenon and turned it into a documentary somewhat different from what the general public is used to.

This time without interviewing experts or the protagonists of the case, this documentary focuses on the great media reviews generated by the judicial process of these great movie stars. Strap will tell how the episode lived and affected millions of fanatics around the world youtube or TwitchThis review would be beneficial.

,Bama Rush-hbo max

This document explains what is behind the viral TIC Toc “#bamarush”, a type of initiation ritual at the University of Alabama.

The story will be based on four young girls who followed this trend during 2022. The band would highlight the social and emotional struggles that would create pressure to adhere to these standards and be accepted within groups of influence within the university.

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