Private healthcare providers warn of shortages and rising prices for medical supplies

national chamber Adecra+Cedimwhich brings together more 420 private medical institutions, warned this Thursday about shortages and rising prices for medical supplies. In the statement, the suppliers also warned about Difficulty acquiring disposable supplies and frequently used medicines.

“Toward the structural finance crisis that institutions have been experiencing for many years, mainly as a result of discrepancy between costs and tariffs, adds situational problem which has worsened in recent days, and this is due to serious difficulties in obtaining key input data for patient care, for example disposable materials and medicines for common use, stressed President Adekra, Jorge Cherro.

“Suppliers are showing strong price increases for these and other medical products, which exceeded 100% over the past month, as well as delivery methods without certain purchase prices,” Cherro said in a statement released by the chamber, which brings together more than 400 private medical organizations. , including polyclinics, sanatoriums, private hospitals, diagnostic and outpatient treatment centers.

Similarly, the head of Adecra explained that as a result of material shortages and price increases, shifts for various medical benefits are already being rescheduled in some provinces, and stated that in some cases the situation is “particularly critical.”

Meanwhile, Marcelo Kaulman, president of Cedim, argued that the problem arises in a national context of currency devaluation and inflation, in addition to “characteristics of official rules operating at the level of foreign trade, monetary and fiscal, which make the operation more complex for the operation of medical equipment” .

In this context, the Chamber warned of a “complex and unsustainable landscape for a vital sector” that cares about the health of 7 out of 10 Argentines. “We hope that soon this whole problem will have some kind of fundamental solution,” concluded the Chamber of Private Medical Workers.

The conclusion of the chamber was given after the closure of the center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by congenital metabolic disorders, which landmark in the country.

As published NATIONin connection with the “macroeconomic situation”, the Chamoles laboratory, a center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by congenital metabolic disorders, i.e. landmark in the country It will close its doors from October. The majority of the population they serve are boys.

In a statement sent to doctors, institutions and insurance companies who refer their patients or send samples for analysis to Chamomile laboratorydecision is related to “macroeconomic situation” from the country.

On the other hand, for more than a month, some companies and laboratories supplying equipment, consumables, reagents and critical elements for clinical diagnostics have been denouncing restrictions on access to foreign products and services.

This was the case with DeLeC Científica, an Argentine company that sells high-tech medical equipment for the treatment of cancer patients and provides consulting services for the implementation of medical programs. As with any company based in a country, some of the resources needed to run it are imported.

For several months, the company was unable to pay its supplier because the government did not approve the import permits needed to access foreign exchange.

The equipment works, but it is very complex and requires maintenance. For example, we sell radiotherapy equipment used for treatment. Today we can not bring spare parts, because They do not approve of our permits and there is no person we can turn to to explain our situation.. They do not empower us and no one gives us answers,” explained Paula Lecourt, president of DeLeC Científica, NATION. The company was founded 20 years ago, in 2003.


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