Pokemon GO Carbink Raid Guide: How to Win

This The Pokémon GO guide will help you learn all aspects of Carbink Raid that we have., one of the most original Pokémon in the Niantic game. This will be part of the cast and challenges we’ll be facing as we celebrate this Pokémon GO Fest 2023. Know the weaknesses, moveset, and everything you need to know to overcome this raid in the best possible way.

Carbink in Pokémon GO

Carbink in Pokémon GO: how and when to get it

Raids aren’t supposed to be easy, and Karbinka’s Raid is no different in that regard. Its damage is high and it will be quite difficult to deal with it, so we need to be very well prepared both in our range of Pokémon and in our brains as trainers. Also, if you want to be successful in a raid, you’ll have to follow some guidelines, such as learning about Karbink’s weaknesses in Pokémon GO, his move set and whether he can be Shiny, and more…

Weaknesses and resistances of Karbinka in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Carbink Raid Guide: How to Win

First of all, it should be noted that Karbink is a Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon. This means he becomes vulnerable to Pokemon. various types such as steel, earth, grass and water. If we want to compress its weak points, the main thing is that we use the steel type as the main weak point of this peculiar “rabbit” of stone and ice, so original that we have in the Pokémon universe, and which also made the jump to Pokémon GO as part of cast and extras that we will have for this GO Fest 2023.

resistors Carbinka, on the other hand, are Pokemon Normal, Flying, Fire, Dark, Beetle and Dragon.

List of Pokémon we can use to counter Pokémon GO Carbink Raid

  • Mega Aggron
  • metagross
  • Dialga
  • zatian
  • melmetal
  • Lucario
  • genetic sect
  • drilling rig

Karbinka’s move set in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO Carbink Raid Guide: How to Win

Here are all possible fast motions and charged motions from Karbinka in Pokémon GO:

Fast moves

  • Gear (Normal)
  • Rock Thrower (Rock)

charged moves

  • Avalanche (Rock)
  • Light Stone (Stone)
  • Moon Power (Fairy)

How to get Carbink in Pokémon GO and can it be Shiny

Pokemon GO Carbink Raid Guide: How to Win

Finally, in case you’re wondering, Pokémon GO has a Karbink. It will be part of the global event from 26 to 27 August. Players can also find Karbinka during the global event August 26-27 through field research meetings. If you manage to defeat Karbink, you will have a chance to capture him. There is currently NO shiny version of Karbink in Pokémon GO.

  • Primal Groudon Pokémon GO

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