Playview Brands announces partnership with popular Minecraft sandbox

Playview Brands has announced a partnership with popular sandbox game Minecraft to bring exciting world building to life. Starting this autumn, the company will present a collection of inflatable products for summer and winter.

Playview Brands’ line of Minecraft inflatable figures will feature iconic designs and characters from the best-selling game of all time. Fans will be able to enjoy Minecraft Winter Fun World, which features inflatable sleds to recreate gameplay on the slopes. In addition, the company will offer a 6-pack of building blocks consisting of life-sized inflatable blocks that can transform any indoor or outdoor space into a Minecraft-style world.

Playview Brands expressed admiration for the partnership, stating that Minecraft has captured the imagination of millions of gamers of all ages and they are excited to bring this beloved world to life for behind-the-scenes entertainment.

Not only will fans be able to enjoy Minecraft-themed fun on the slopes during the winter season, Playview Brands also plans to expand inflatable fun into other seasons. They are currently developing Minecraft-style beach balls and pool floats that will allow players to continue enjoying an immersive off-screen gaming experience.

Playview Brands is a leading toy company offering a wide range of toys and games for kids and family entertainment. Since its founding in 2017, the company has been creating innovative and creative toys that inspire children, parents and families around the world. They are proud to partner with leading brands and are licensed to create inspiring toys and games that have a meaningful impact on millions of people around the world.

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