PCD influencers Fernando Campos and Ivan Barron unite in a project for inclusion – Portal PopNow

This Monday (14), content creators evan baron Participated in a self-description project designed by the influencer Fernando Campos, Evan, also known as an “Influencer of Inclusion,” is guided by the anti-representational and anti-competence struggle. It uses its powerful voice of reason to share its experiences and destroy prejudices through its entire content.

Evan shared, “I am so honored to participate in this phenomenal project by my friend Fernando Campos, talking about self-description should be an example to be followed by other content creators on the internet! “

Conceived on Fernando’s Instagram, the project aims to encourage self-description to include people with disabilities and enable them to enjoy their social interactions and experiences. Fernando Campos highlights the importance of practice and the positive impact of your thoughts. “I am very happy to see how people are accepting this project and it gives me hope for a more inclusive society. The involvement of all these artists who have supported me is incredible and very special to me, even more so when a friend like Ivan is with me in this endeavor.

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