Paris Hilton’s boots go viral on social networks

Fashion will never stop surprising us, whether good or bad. What exactly happens to the variety of ideas, to the colors, to the tastes that give rise to the new “novamas” Shoes, it comes to Crocs brand yellow shoes in association with MSCHF, is introduced. His first appearance will be in late September 2022 paris fashion weekwhen the rapper tommy cash Wearing these shoes surprised all the people present there. Since then, there has been an authentic trend in the social network.

Yes it is a completely logical thing. It includes all the necessary features to attract everyone’s attention: shape and color, They go completely unnoticed for Nadi, they are of a huge size and a very showy color which ultimately drives celebrities crazy. yes, por si fuera poco, artists like Paris Hilton or Maluma The pant is the final ingredient to make this shoe a success on all platforms instagram or tiktok,

However, we all know the brand Crocs, But, are you your ally? What is the brand?MSCHF‘And why don’t you know him? And above all, what shoes have you got to emerge victorious among all the celebrities?

Swedish firm Crocs and its new yellow shoes

The yellow shoes that Crocs has launched in collaboration with MSCHF have everything to succeed. a merger between The facility of the Swedish firm and the aggressive style of the American artistic collective that are designed to be enjoyed Comfort, exclusivity and a unique style In this world. It is the latest innovation from the brand which is always addicted to the idea of ​​breaking molds and launching new models.

like this, with design huye de los traditionalism y seeks to mark the difference, but without losing its essence. However, let’s be serious. These types of goodies might not show up in our closets if they weren’t first seen on the feet of our favorite artist. So began the hype for these yellow shoes, with a familiar face, rapper Tommy Cash.

On the walkway above, the artist was chosen by the brands to launch campaigns, which she presented Mime Dress at Rick Owens Fashion Show, At that time, social networks had revolutionized, but it was with Maluma’s photography that the enthusiasm for these shoes broke out in full force. The publication of the Latin singer states, “Ya saban que las levos first”. Despues de el Vineiro Otras Estrellas de la Musica Como lil durkBut Paris Hiltonwho viral new’s boots to publish First pictures of the campaign wearing the shoes,

MSCHF and its controversy, but successful collaboration

Collaboration between Crocs and MSCHF It has been available since last August 9 and if you can buy it $450, although they are sold out on the web for now. However, you may not know about the American artists group or you may not be aware of other excellent or controversial news. Clearly this is a brand with a lot to offer invasive style Who tries to create controversy wherever he goes.

One of the brand’s most viral controversies was sparked by Singer and rapper Lil Nas-X released some limited-edition Zapatillas that purported to be diabolical, a model that contained Diablo Number (666) and he decides to be built with a drop of blood, Firm was sued for this product Nike Due to the use of their logo without approval, which was widely criticized all over the world. Exactly what they were looking for.

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