Over 150 euros for a League of Legends skin. The LoL community is more angry than ever at Riot Games after the announcement of new cosmetics – League of Legends

League of Legends wants to introduce a “gacha” loot box system in the next patch, which has caused a lot of protests in the community.

Complaints about skins League of Legends they have always existed, but they have never been so justified. Players are used to expressing their dissatisfaction when new cosmetics for a character do not meet the quality standard set by the developer, or there are simply not enough new skins for their favorite champions. However, this time we are facing something different. The community is pissed off like never before. after Riot Games announces the release of the most expensive item in the history of video games. Its price will be 22,500 rupees (172 euros for a replacement). and can only be achieved through the random reward system.

League of Legends goes to gashapons

Jin destroys the cosmic darkness It will appear in League of Legends in the next patch as a mythical variant of the original skin belonging to the Dark Star skin line. The problem is that it is blocked by paywalls. Players can only get it by opening new capsules – loot boxes for all purposes – with 1% chance for each of the first 29 downs. It will be after the opening of the thirtieth of these loot boxes – or gashapons – when we receive our guaranteed reward. Although we will receive other prizes along the way that will make the investment more fruitful, most players who need this aspect will have to spend the aforementioned €172. to get it.

Riot Games defended its decision, assuring that it was looking for a new way to offer exclusive items it makes the players feel special. They assure that the idea is part of an experiment and that there will be only a small catalog with this kind of cosmetics. In addition, from the company, they claim that “everything that you could buy in the store under normal circumstances will remain the same, and the methods of acquiring said items will not change either.” An argument that did not convince the community at all. Already a few hours before the official announcement, when information was leaked about the introduction of this gachapon system in League of Legends, the company began to receive criticism.

Three out of four players will need to reach the 30th capsule to get the Jin skin.

The proof of how unpopular this measure is is the fact that The company did not disseminate information through its official social networks., or at least not immediately (the official Spanish account did). Despite this low profile, criticism has accumulated in the usual community discussion forums. “The riot went crazy (…) I’m sure they crossed the line this time”, said a user on Reddit. The “mythic variant” of Jin appeared on PBE as a color scheme. Last night it was removed and became a separate skin. This is a color scheme, not a variant. I don’t understand why Riot is trying to change the name and it’s so blatantly greedy. The one who made the decision should reconsider it,” he said. responsible for Skin Spotlightswhich has been working on showing all the details of gaming cosmetics for more than 10 years.

The truth is criticism is more than justified. A few years ago, Riot Games added loot boxes to the game. However, this was an additional monetization mechanism that was used primarily to give away free rewards to players. Now take a giant step forward extremely unpopular monetization system among the community. It harms the players by its very mechanism of operation and makes the prices prohibitively high. It doesn’t matter what game it’s about: “loot boxes” are one of the most harmful forms of monetization for users.

Players liked the new cosmetics, but most of them are not ready to pay as much as it costs.

Riot Games is late to a party you shouldn’t have joined, with several countries already working to regulate this type of remuneration system. Moreover, what is most striking is that they are doing it now. The game took place at the beginning of the year for one of the biggest crises in its history and recovered. However, such situations are not easily forgotten by the community. Moreover, this is not even the first attempt to implement such systems in League of Legends. The difference is that so far, community protests have overturned such measures.

For now, this new Jin cosmetic is only available on PBE. Forecast will appear in the game with the release of the upcoming patch 13.17. which will arrive on August 30 next year according to official update schedule. It remains to be seen if the game will benefit the community again or if Riot Games is able to impose the gacha system on League of Legends this time. The future of the video game will depend on what happens.

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