Netflix doesn’t stop surprising with its 13 news releases between August 14 and 20

Netflix is ​​back to rock the market for another week with three new features.

Netflix doesn't stop surprising with its 13 news releases between August 14 and 20
One of the most interesting news is the miniseries about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Like every week, the Netflix catalog grows with an authentic deluge of productions. Each novelty has distinctive features and can be quite overwhelming in number. But it is clear that this is a gamble of the streaming platform by Trenos both have their own series and others that son doesn’t like It has a lot to contribute and it could be very interesting. One of these novelties is a documentary brawl and telerivalidad program about one of the greatest boxers in the history of boxing. Diversion is served.

13 Netflix news for this week

This week we got un poco de todo. For a change, Netflix is ​​again betting on Asian production films, especially from South Korea and India. However, We also got some other production from Taiwan,

  • Game of Secrets: Salon of Infamy – August 15
  • Outbreak of contagion – 15 August
  • Depp Vs. Heard – 16 August
  • Fury’s House – August 16
  • Chosen – 16 August
  • A Life Too Short: The Case of Isabella Nardoni – 17 August
  • Mi Padre, El Cazar Intergalactic Award – August 17
  • The Upshaw Family – August 17
  • Love, Sex & 30 Candles – 18 August
  • El Rey Mono – August 18
  • 10 Days of the Bad Guy – August 18
  • La Chica Enmascarada – August 18
  • Armas y Amores – August 18

On the other hand, there are some nice paintings in this week’s documentaries. Since the number of novelties is quite large, we are going to select the best ones so that we can go straight to the products that can contribute something to us.

attention to contagion

In a hospital in Taiwan, an additional virus has put the lives of everyone working at the center at risk. In this way the doctor orders a quarantine And the hospital is under complete lockdown to ensure that the virus does not escape and endanger the rest of the country. Getting caught by a deadly virus will make insiders vulnerable too disturbing and dangerous decisions Where, ultimately, morality and existence will enter into an irreconcilable tussle to see which of the two prevails.

Watch “Foco de Contagion” on Netflix

Depp Vs. heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard star in one of the most embarrassing media trials of the past few years. loss of actors took everyone back the dirty rags of your relationship To see who would impose themselves on others in a defamation suit. Eventually, Depp found some fame and regained the fame he had lost along the way. However, some of the charges were handed over to the court and recognized Han damaged the image of both the actors forever. Now Netflix is ​​reproducing the events in a miniseries so they can update themselves with the latest information on the juicy radical case.

Watch “Depp vs. Heard” on Netflix

masked girl

We enter the life of an officinista whose physique is with him. your life is not easy, you have a gray job and you believe that people will never like it How is your body and face? However, your life will turn 180 degrees when you decide to become a streamer. ready for victory, Your biggest secret is the mask you use so that Nadi can recognize you. So, I’ve got a lot to cover she becomes who she really wants to be,

Watch “La Chica Enmascarada” on Netflix

at the house of the furies

Tyson Fury is possibly one of the most interesting people on the boxing landscape. Pugil is undefeated in the heavyweight division. In the meantime, however, he decides whether he will eventually withdraw from the British fighter or continue fighting for even more money. open your doors to us on purpose to show us how you strange way of life And how do you share your time with your family.

Watch “At Home of the Fury” on Netflix

love sex and 30 candles

Three South African women are facing a difficult 30-year-old crisis. the problem is that your lifelong friendship If you go to see the test for different reasons, alos el amor among, but not exclusively.

Watch “Love, Sex & 30 Candles” on Netflix

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