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Mullet hair: Despite being considered sticky, it is still growing; Understand – Photo: Gijsbert Hanekrot/Redferns/Disclosure/Mike Coppola/Filmmagic

hey Hair five pointed star Must have appeared back in the Roman Empire, conquered celebrities around the world since the 70s and was used by 10 of 10 country duos in Brazil, such as Milionario and José Rico, Zéze Di Camargo and Luciano and, of course, Chitaozinho and Zorro.

Coincidentally, the story of both is told ,The adventures of Jose and Durval,unpublished and original series of Globoplay Which will premiere this Friday (18). So, (also) to get into the atmosphere of the production starring the brothers Rodrigo and Felipe Simas gshow talked to hair stylist And about the hairy story of one of the most controversial cuts in history about businessman Rodrigo Lima and who came back with everything in recent years!

For those who don’t know, this is the name given to an asymmetrical cut, which leaves the hair short on the top of the head and longer on the back of the neck. Hairdresser Rodrigo Lima, who cuts actor Rupert Grint’s hair. Says this idea may have come with our prehistoric ancestors and very specific uses: “Keep your hair short in the front to avoid your eyes and long in the back to protect your neck from the sun and rain.”

according to him, hey five pointed star It was also used by the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece and the Egyptians in the 16th century, But since the 70s the cut has gained the fame we see today, despite the ups and downs: “at the time it was super trendy and later became an un-trendy cut”, jokes the expert.

Curiosity! before baptism five pointed starIn reference to the figure from Greek mythology, the cut was called Pygmalion: “The name was given precisely because the top of its head was high and ‘left’ at the end, resembling a bird.”

In the 1970s, David Bowie was one of the first major artists to perform his mullet hair, But glam rock and post-punk musicians were also starting to join in. At the time, the cut boasted a respectable top knot, sometimes more tousled and combed, sometimes more disheveled and rebellious.

Among other names who brought the hairstyle to fame, the expert cited members of Iron Maiden and Death Leopard, Tina Turner, Bono Vox, singer U2, Metallica leader James Hetfield, and musician Billy Ray Cyrus, father of Miley Cyrus.

David Bowie and Tina Turner were two great artists who were fans of mullet hair in the 70s – Photo: Gijsbert Hanekrot/Redferns/Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Since that time, More artists, football players and actors also adopted the idea, such as Ayrton Senna, Patrick Swayze, Mel Gibson and stars such as Romario, Maradona, Walter Casagrande and Müller. Lima also states that the success of the TV series “MacGyver” in the ’80s helped introduce the mullet to other audiences.

Cringe, yes, popular too! Rodrigo comments that, while five pointed star growing up, young people began to find it tacky: “There’s a tendency among young people to always wear what adults wear to be tacky… until that moment (the trend) comes back (laughs).”

And that’s exactly what happened in recent years: According to the hairdresser, the aesthetic “returned with full force”., The reason for this is not related to any specific musical style, but to the versatility of the cut and the possibility of creating stylizations.

“I think it’s got a little bit of that whole nostalgia feeling going back to the ’70s and ’80s. And with the younger, more modern crowd looking for it, it’s like an escape from a genre that was once already very successful.” Was.”

Brazilian Mullet

Zéze di Camargo and Luciano and Roberto Carlos also adopted the mullet cut in the 1980s – photo: Disclosure

it didn’t take long five pointed star Became a sensation in Brazil too, but it became a No. 1 cut for one category in particular: country singers! In addition to the already mentioned duos, solo artists such as Rionegro and Solimoes, Cristian and Ralf and Roberto Carlos and Fabio Jr. also joined the bandwagon from the 70s onwards.

“People started using it extensively, mainly because of Chitaozinho and Zorro, the most famous in Brazil. Then it went out of fashion a bit, being considered ‘outdated’.

With such series and productions as “Stranger Things”, “Black Mirror” true Crime Rodrigo sees the return of this cut as a natural movement, saving the landscapes of the 70s and 80s. It is worth mentioning that fashion is cyclical And, as he points out, we are living in an era of “multiple decades co-existing at the same time” aesthetically.

Key Changes and Variations

Apart from the victorious return, five pointed star Adaptation went through and got some variations, yet retained that retro and nostalgic vibe of the genre. According to Rodrigo, today’s cut is more reconstructed and has different volumes: “What used to be a cut that often had no connection between the top and back has now begun to bring a greater connection between the nape of the neck and the top of the head.”

  • Shaggy: Cut in several layers from the top of the head to the longest strand, with bangs, plentiful and slightly messy fit.
  • WOF CUT: The cut that brings out the great layers of the shaggy with the asymmetry of the mullet and is neatly edged in the front.
  • Shulet: A cut that also combines the characteristics of shaggy and mullet, but with braided strands on top.

Andrea Horta, Debby Ryan and Barbie Ferreira use the shaggy, wolf cut and shulet cut respectively – Photo: Roberto Filho/Brazil News/Reproduction/Instagram

Currently, music and film stars are also contributing to this type of variety, especially K-pop artists: “They are starting to use the mullet and this has helped bring the genre back”, says the expert. Analysis.

Among the names we have Jeon Jung-kook, V and RM, members of BTS, singer and dancer Baekhyun, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Rihanna, Andrea Horta, Billie Eilish and Pe Lanza, members of the band Restart.

“I think the big difference from what we saw in the ’80s is that people often had straight, spiky hair with long slicked back hair. Today you can give hair texture, more shape and color.”

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