Movie Reviews of the Week: ‘My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock’, ‘Titina’, ‘Blue Beetle’ and ‘Pequenas Casualidades’

Even though his film bears no shadow of the British documentarian’s insecurities mark cousinsresponsible for the series Story of the film: An Odyssey (2011), collect of risks in your documentary my name is alfred hitchcock,

is the first to know about someone’s work studied film maker from all angles. Although there are a million ways to aim, it will always be difficult to observe and find new things The director’s work has been studied more than that of any other lesser known director. Then, the cousins ​​emerge stronger from the challenge.

structured in blocks around concepts like their DesireThere Loneliness and it is needed Getaway, my name is alfred hitchcock It’s a more evocative immersion in the language of the filmmaker’s movies. the decision to cast Hitchcock’s work in a conceptual and devote a significant portion of the documentary to the films lesser known In favor of the proposition are filmmaker Jugen’s undeniable ability to read plans and his passion for them, as well as Cousins. Description,

the second is more straight tender, It’s Hitchcock himself, with reflections from Cousins ​​and the voice of the British impersonator alistair mcgowan, which describes the documentary. It seems to answer the will of the bet desecrate filmmaker to make near (voice in Close Include thoughts on your life, your health, your feelings). It’s a fickle and showy bet, there’s merit in it Osada, But, at the same time, it’s inevitable to realize that any decision pride, , faze’s wish


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