Malsell is the first mansion Rihanna lived in after moving to Beverly Hills

A former Beverly Hills mansion that used to belong to Rihanna was sold for much less than her Duenos expected

old house of Beverly Hills where i used to live Rihanna From 2009 to 2011, the balance has changed just because it turns out it was sold. $15,000,000 dollars,

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residential property john legend or chrissy teigenIt was very special to the Barbadian interpreter, as it was the first place he lived upon his arrival in the region.

La Nueva is a unit associated with Duena. jeremy troxelFounder of the law firm Troxel Lai, which formed it after reaching an economic settlement with its previous owners.

The previous Duenos were Sheldon and Merrill Elman, a pair of Canadians who acquired the building in 2021. $16,800,000 dollarsThat is why, in less than two years, a loss of almost $2,000,000 dollars was recorded.

The mansion, which is distributed over two floors, is an extension of 8,500 Pi QuadRados, along with the Seven Recamaras and Ocho Baths.

It also has a vestibule, kitchen, vestibule, dining room, living room, main room, piano room, television room, cinema room, gym, balcony, among other rooms.

Outside, it has a terrace, extensive green areas, a swimming pool with a spa area, a barbeque area, a garden, a pergola, beautiful views of the valley, among other amenities.

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