LoL: What is the mythical variant and how do I get it?

The mythical variant is coming to LoL very soon, and here we will help you clear all doubts about this new type of skin.

MOBA Riot Games was recently embroiled in controversy over the addition of a new type of skin to the test server. This will be called Mythic variant and coming to LoL very soon, so here at CodigoEsports we tell you everything you need to know about it. As we hypothesized earlier, the first skin of this type will be Jhin Devastating Cosmic Darkness.

As we all know, League of Legends content is divided into two parts: one that can be obtained “for free” (Blue Essences) and one that cannot be obtained (Riot Points). In the latter case, the most common option is skins, which in turn come in different types, resulting in a difference in price and, of course, in their aesthetics. Qualities so far known Classic (520 RP), Royal (750 RP), Imperial (975 RP), Epic (1350 RP), Legendary (1820 RP) and Ultimate (3250 RP). On the other hand, there are some that cannot be bought directly with Riot Points, such as Prestigious or from the Mythical Store. However, LoL will have a new quality of skins, which will be called Mythical Variant.

What is a mythical option?

So the mythic options will be “updating” existing legendary skins. According to Riot Games, they will try to give it a new flavor and enhance the fantasy that is given to the champions. In addition, it will include Brand new images, icon and frame.

How will you receive it?

To obtain it, the system of goals already familiar to you from exhibitions will be used. To explain it simply, after opening 29 space capsules 2023, you will receive a guaranteed reward for this goal in capsule 30. In this case, the reward in question is the Cosmic Darkness Destroying Jin skin. It is worth noting that the Space Capsule on the route will have 1% chance appearance. That is, you can unlock it earlier if the lady of luck smiles at you.

How long will it take to get the mythical variant of Jin?

The space pods will be available in versions 13.17 and 13.18. After that, the event will end and Jhin Shattering Cosmic Darkness will be removed from the reroll pool. According to Riot, this aspect may return to the reserve in 2024 and even change the way they are obtained. However, for now, this will be the way to get it, and they will not be available for purchase through the shop.

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In short, this new initiative will be a developer experiment and subject to change in the future. According to Riot, the purpose of this will be to please those players who want to purchase rare and exclusive content.

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