Lizzo’s dancers offer their support amid legal struggle

lizzoEntertainment Tonight (ET) reported that the Big Grrls show lead singer has found support from her dance crew due to the legal battle being waged by an American interpreter.

Through a publication in the official account of Instagram’TheBiggGrrrls’staff members ofspecial tripAlso thanked the singer for giving him the opportunity to have new and very memorable experiences, for which he felt very appreciative.

‘We had the best experience of our lives on The Special Tour. We are very honored to share the scene with such an incredibly talented person.’

‘The experience of this tour was more than #special!’ The commitment to character and culture that prioritizes every movement and moment is one of the greatest learnings and blessings we could have asked for.’

It should be noted that at no time are names mentioned no credit to the publication, why If you don’t know how many people don’t participate In detail of the release.

Thank you Lizzo for breaking boundaries and giving Big Grrrl and Big Boi dancers a chance to do what we love! A platform has been created on which we are able to match our passion with a purpose.

‘No single para nosotras, a bell for all women and all who break barriers. We are traveling and exploring new horizons in the world. There can be many possibilities to overcome the difficulties of society, entertainment industry and beauty.’

It all stemmed from the fact that the ‘Be Loved’ artist was accused of sexual, religious and racial harassment by three dancers from his tour.

Contrary to the allegations of abuse, now another group of dancers have thanked Lizzo for forming a team with them.

‘So grateful because the standard and beauty in this dress exists beyond the surface! Our collective efforts have authentically fueled the kind of energy, love and support that can help physically heal the world.’

‘We are a unit of unicorns, essentially resistant and special. Con amor, las big girls y big bois’Finalized the dancers and other participants.

However, the attorney for the plaintiffs (Noel, Crystal and Ariana) announced that there are six other people who have come forward to say that they too have suffered abuse from the artist.

‘Noel, Crystal and Ariana have bravely spoken up and shared their experiences, opening the door for others to feel empowered to do the same.’Ron Zambrano, an attorney for the plaintiffs, expressed to ET.

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