Latest Intel update boosts gaming performance by up to 77%

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Intel just made a series of exciting announcements about their Arc Alchemist GPUs, which are among the most best graphics cards for a more budget build. Since the launch of its flagship GPU Ark A770, Intel is working hard on frequent patch releases to optimize performance. Now, more than 30 driver updates later, Intel is talking about improving the gaming performance of its GPUs. It also opens up a new open source tool.

Since the release of discrete Intel graphics cards, it has become clear that while Arc GPUs were strong in DirectX 12 games, they were lagging behind in games using DirectX 11 and DirectX 9. Intel now claims that the latest Arc drivers bring important improvements in this regard. . He showed his own tests in various games to show that things are different now, and they are all based on tests with the Arc A750 GPU.

Starting with DX9 gaming performance at 1080p, Intel has seen performance gains ranging from 10% to Guild Wars 2 to a whopping 77% in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. League of Legends And skyrim They also showed significant improvements, increasing frames per second (fps) by 45% and 77%, respectively. This proliferation of esports games means good news for gamers looking to buy an Intel Arc GPU. Being a budget card, it was made for such games and now it looks like they will be playable.

DX11 shows a smaller but still significant gain, with an average of 5-33% more frames per second in games. This results in improvements such as 340fps to 376fps in League of Legends and from 66 fps to 84 fps in gta online. Overall, Intel claims its GPUs are now 19% faster on average in DX11 games, with a 20% smoother 99th percentile fps.

Intel also briefly mentioned XeSS, Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) competitor. This technology is currently supported in over 70 games, and while not as impressive as Nvidia’s latest DLSS 3, it still has its benefits and is slowly taking off. Intel is also introducing a GPU Busy metric for its graphics cards. This is usually a good indication of how much your GPU is being used in each frame, and Intel suggests this should result in a better balance between CPU and GPU workloads in games.

Jacob Roach/Digital Trends

Finally, Intel is introducing PresentMon, a new performance overlay with capture and telemetry options that is somewhat similar to Nvidia’s Shadowplay. With PresentMon, you can monitor average frame rate, GPU utilization, frequency, voltage, temperature, and memory usage in real time while you play. It is also possible to record game footage.

The new tool is said to support multiple GPU vendors and also provide native GPU capture and telemetry. Intel also claims it’s open source and will offer extensive API support, and if you’re GPU savvy there are command line options for advanced users.

All in all, Intel’s latest update looks pretty impressive. While its GPUs can’t compete with the latest options from AMD and Nvidia, Intel is constantly improving the cards it currently has and they’re also affordable. Perhaps this new performance boost will see Arc GPUs start showing up in more PC builds.

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