Krasinski Describes Emily Blunt’s ‘Near Encounter’ With a Shark

During his visit to the Ellen DeGeneres program, John Krasinski told of a nearby encounter he also had with wife Emily Blunt a giant shark.

The actor said that he has heard that couples go on their honeymoon surrounded by sharks and eat whatever food they like.

Their first experience was enjoyable, but they also said that their Bueso instructor became competitive, and the next day he took them swimming with gray reef sharks.

To Krasinski, all the sharks looked like the iconic animal from the movie ‘Tiburon’, but he was horrified to see that this species resembled the terrifying beast that traumatized an entire generation.

‘They really looked like Jaws (Tiburon) and were huge.’

Emily Blunt was not an expert in buseo, so this experience would serve as practice for her, but the fact of being surrounded by giant animals was something she could not easily ignore.

John assures her that ‘they won’t get into trouble with the sharks’, as they will ignore them. Soon after reassuring him, I saw how suddenly one of them moved away from the others and headed straight towards them.

‘Uno de Alos came after us. Yo lo vie, pero emily no’.

At that time, as a good husband, he decided not to tell his new wife that a huge gray shark was swimming behind them to guarantee her survival.

‘I started following Emily, my judgment was this: if she startles and moves too much, the shark might bite her. So instead, I thought of swimming (Emily) while the shark was coming at her.’

When Blunt raised his flea to indicate he was passing a good mouse, the shark passed right by and Emily ‘Desmayo’ was at her best in Krasinski’s imitation.

‘They were aware of the bubbles on the surface, I think they fainted for a moment under the water. it was incredible’.

Krasinski and Blunt were married in 2010 and since then, they have become one of the most loved and fun couples in Hollywood.

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