Kiko’s daughter, Vanesa Villagran, is touched by the story of her battle with cancer.

Ask for empathy for hair loss and emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards your illness. (Instagram/@carlos_kiko1)

Vanessa Villagranfamous actor’s youngest daughter Carlos Villagran, known for his role “Kiko” in the cult TV show “Boy of 8”boldly shared his experience of fighting cancer and called for empathy in the face of the difficulties faced by those who suffer from this disease.

Last July, Vanesa Villagran revealed through her social media that she had been diagnosed with cancer, taking her and her family by surprise. Despite the initial shock, he showed a strong determination to rise to the challenge and continue to enjoy life.

Vanessa, 37, shows the versatility of her life as her father’s manager, model and businesswoman. She recently caused controversy by joining adult platform OnlyFans, which caused some tension with her father. Despite their differences, Carlos Villagran gave unconditional support to his daughter in her fight against cancer.

The young woman shared her process openly on social media and was candid about her experiences and the challenges she faces. One of the most impressive problems was hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.

He asks for sympathy in the face of hair loss and stresses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards his illness. Credito:IG@

Although she was mentally prepared for this moment, she admitted that the reality was overwhelming. “My hair is already exaggeratedly falling out, I’m about to lose my hair, it was very impressive, the truth is that when it started to fall out, I cried because it’s impressive, for a woman it’s very impressive,” he mentioned.

Despite adversity, Vanesa Villagran maintained a positive attitude and found comfort and strength by sharing her experiences in social media. The girl also called for sympathy, reminding people who are fighting cancer that it is important to give them support and understanding.

daughter of Carlos Villagran Vanessa noted that she faced inappropriate comments and negative criticism, especially regarding her appearance. She emphasized that taking care of herself and maintaining a good appearance is part of her strategy for maintaining a positive mood while fighting the disease.

“Be kinder to your family, friends, wives … and if you have nothing to contribute, it’s better to be silent. Despite some super inappropriate comments, I keep getting up for the next round,” he said. Vanessa in an inspiring message to those who follow her.

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