Kendall Jenner: L’Oreal’s first influencer

“Por yo lo valgo” is probably the most famous slogan in the history of female advertising. loreal paris It was invented 60 years ago in its marketing department and its creator was a woman. Since then we all have said something or the other in life.

The Parisian brand chosen to make its mark among women around the world Ambassadors of famous models and celebrities, of all ages, ethnicities and styles, representing the brand’s female consumers who aim for what is known as accessible luxury. In recent years, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Helen Mirren, jane fond or camila cabello Han was a simple face. Last election surprised me a lot: Model Kendall Jenner,

And it surprised me because, although she is a professional model, the truth is that she has her origins as the influencer of one of the most successful, most criticized and controversial realities of the last 20 years: El de las Kardashians .

Kendall And the youngest of the girls, Kylie, was “whole” with her mama Kris Jenner and her older sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s reality show, which launched in 2007 on E! entertainment “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which basically deals with the way the millionaire followers of a Kardashian lawyer (famous for being part of the legal team defending OJ) live their lives. Simpson in 1994 included his wife Nicole) and young child, hoy la mujer trans Caitlyn Jenner, the product of the relationship between matriarch Kris and Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner.

Who is Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Las Kardashians began their career at the age of 13 with the song Gen Z Lo Que Cate Mos Fue Para Nosotras, Las Mujeres de los 27 Años. Excellence: Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Las de Lujo like Dolce & Gabbana and even some haute couture Dior and Balmain.

Kendall’s target audience is Chavas and young gay men and women aged 25 to 30 who grew up with her (statista UK details) and her growing community of 350 million followers across all networks (including her sisters Kim and Kylie). According to Forbes, he earns $4 million a year and has already launched a brand of tequila, his favorite drink.

¿Que fue primero, el huevo o la gallina?

If the brand consistently works with influencers of all levels (from nano and micro to large scale) among its stars, then Kendall is the first of its kind; It represents what L’Oréal seeks: leadership, empowerment, courage, freedom and security in your life and digital life.

Of all the Kardashians, she is the one who has enjoyed the best public image under the age of 18, teaming up with her sister Kylie, who already has her own eponymous line of cosmetics under the arm of Coty. While Big Sisters has shown that they weren’t just a reality product, the question remains whether the reality show outgrew the model. In Kendall and Kylie’s case, I’d choose the latter.

the power of gen z

“L’Oréal Paris is honored to announce our collaboration with one of the most powerful women in the world. This is a new milestone in our mission to empower all women, wherever they are. at any other time, Kendall Jenner It could be as successful as it is now, but its value, its selection and its image could also be defined or controlled by others. She is the embodiment of everything Gen-Z represents, she embodies her image, proudly grows in her self-esteem and inspires others to do the same.” to Delphine Viguère-Hovase Announced as the Global President of L’Oreal Paris.

Jenner’s first campaign will be for the long-lasting L’Oréal Paris D’Infallible Lip Pencil, which apparently comes with the motto: “I’m not infallible, but my makeup is,” and the line highlights that because in fact, This Nadi is unmistakable, not even the supermodel-influencer of this time, symbolizing a before-and-after promotion for the world’s most powerful female firm.

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