jennifer lopez sends a hidden message on her shirt

Italy to spend a few days with friends and enjoy the spectacular view sweet vita Congratulating Ben Affleck on his 51st birthday through a very cute video on Instagram. This summer Jennifer Lopez no longer surprises us, but this is her most recent appearance, during a walk in Beverly Hills, when more We spotlight a sports team that sent a powerful message of love,

We can see the singer emphasizing her impressive curves with black leggings, which she wore with a pair of leggings Shoes nike multicolor, and placket buyer To play with, also of different colors. No matter how cute any of these outfits look, the thing that caught our eyes the most was your T-shirt, because I decided to make a basic white design with short sleeves. PWe can read a romantic phrase from the Persian poet Rumi that says: “you are the soul of the world and your name is love(Translated from English as “You are the soul of the universe and your name is love”.

Although everything seems to indicate that the phrase is part of a religious poem written by the poet (he was a scholar of Islam and the Koran all his life), I remember all the times we’ve seen Jennifer Lopez publicly recite her Have seen him expressing his love towards. It is possible that this phrase has taken over as a new romantic expression.

I wish I hadn’t already publicly defended a version of Rumi. On his day following his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay singer Chris Martin says reading the 13th-century literary great changed his life. Furthermore, he is the worst selling poet in the United States. Other celebrities such as Tilda Swinton or Madonna have also declared themselves fanatics regarding his teachings and phrases on several occasions. The last of them, no doubt, based many of his songs on Persian poems. Who will be the next person to recover parts of Rumi’s works? While waiting for an answer, we’ll keep wondering if Jennifer Lopez dedicated this sentence to Ben Affleck…

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