If You Like Oppenheimer, These Are 5 Movies You’ll Want to See Next

Christopher Nolan’s new film is becoming a worldwide success, but those who’ve already seen it are eager to see more. That’s why we leave you a list of 5 movies that you would like to see after Oppenheimer!

If you loved the film because of its sonic magnificence, technical mastery, unique photography or even the absolutely stellar performances of the cast, we are sure you will love the suggestions we are going to give you right away!

All Quiet on the Western Front

This movie available on Netflix has the same energy as we can see in it oppenheimer, The German film, which won an Oscar in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”, follows a group of German soldiers during World War I and tells the story from a different perspective than usual. The cast is absolutely amazing and the lead actor, Felix Kammerer, immerses us in the story from start to finish.

the revenge

The film features one of Natalie Portman’s finest performances as we follow her character on an unforgettable journey. the revenge This leads us to Guy Fawkes’ attack on the British Parliament and, in the midst of it, Evelyn (Portman) becomes involved with a famous masked man who fights for freedom while trying to overthrow a ruling regime. Such as oppenheimerThe film has a strong political message.


One of the almost great dramatic and excellent classics of recent years, impossible, tells us the story of a family inspired by true facts who were lost during their vacation due to the tsunami. In addition to a superb cast, which includes Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland, this film features a sound and visual component worth watching and reviewing, as we can also witness massive destruction before our eyes.


Another film from Christopher Nolan that deserves equal attention dunkirk, which presents us a great World War II scenario along with excellent sound production. so personal oppenheimerThis feature film tells the story of the evacuation of northern France, as we follow British troops. Moreover, Cillian Murphy also took part in this project!


Matt Damon takes us to Mars in this film that stars his protagonist in a race against time, in which science is, without a doubt, his greatest ally — as it happens oppenheimer, This feature film is also very tense and keeps us completely glued to the screen, hoping that everything will work out. His photography is equally divine and many aspects of this film can remind us of the erotic experiences we had in oppenheimer,

trailer | Technical and sound mastery at Oppenheimer

So, if you’ve already seen Oppenheimer, which of these movies will you be watching next?

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