I just wish that Britney Spears gets the horse she deserves after her breakup

bad news for Britney Spears Most recently after announcing her separation from her husband Sam Asghari of a little over a year ago. If you know that it was Asghari who requested the divorce, Britney threatened to release “Muy Muy Jugosa information” about the singer If it doesn’t renegotiate the terms of the prenuptial agreement De la Pareja. However, it is known to everyone that Britney has visited the smallest plazas (and come out on her shoulders) in the biggest part of her life, so, in an exercise of resistance and strength, the singer has published a Post Where on Instagram one Los Four Winds announces, without hesitation, that you have to buy a horse. Here is Marras’s publication:

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If you don’t want to get rid of the evil that will be going on, don’t deny me Responding to your ex’s alleged betrayal with a photo of you on horseback is i-có-ni-co, says Spears who wants to name her horses Sophie and Roar. It strikes me as callous: I just want her to be the queen of the ranch she deserves and she does so with a pink cowboy hat.

Let’s hope Asgari backs down and, as Kara Cunningham would say in that famous video, “leave Britney in peace”. So, if you decide to continue pursuing your ex, It brings me comfort to know that Sophie and Roar will be there to help her recover. I hope there is a reboot of that 90’s horse movie, wild hearts can’t be broken, starring Britney Spears. I swear I’ll pay any price to see her.

Article originally published on Translation and adaptation: Robert Martinez-Carrasco.

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