From Color de los Cursi to ally of feminism and consumerist mania

Like I did The Wizard of Oz with emerald filter glasses, the movie ‘Barbie’ has achieved that we now carry some glasses to watch fuchsia reality. After the explosion of this new phenomenon, the color pink is everywhere, despite the fact that until now – not so many years ago – it was associated with cercilariaFull of stereotypes, and close to the sarcastic femininity that many women want to break.

Fashion brands have taken advantage of the trend to bet on pink and normalize it

But this has not always been the case, but after the Second World War, pink became a color associated with gender (female). Among many other reasons, the ‘boom’ of the cinema, propaganda and the most vibrant capitalism, with constant stimuli in colour, which was full of the rosy life that was drawn from eminent womenmerged with the whole genre.

journalist and fashion expert Elena Munozrecounts some of these events that painted the pink map of femininity, For example, collection ‘Shocking Pink’ by Elsa Schiaparelliwhich inspired the designers, and whose color insignia was used by the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress in ‘Los Caballeros Las Prefieras Rubias’.

he also contributed Audrey Hepburnwith her pink wedding dress (for her second marriage), Brigitte Bardot, Mamie Einshawer Even more Jackie Kennedy, wearing her legendary pink suit when her husband was shot.

monday Dominic GrissardHistorian and gender expert, pink color reminds historically youth, vitality and strength, because of its intensity. However, rebranded as “En Oxidant”, pink is assigned to the female gender and is used since infancy, to enforce gender differentiation and self-awareness. sexual identity. Therefore, Rose has served, since they were young, to teach men who women are: with all the social burdens they carry. Unintentionally, of course.

The West has used the color pink for years to subtly enforce gender discrimination and sexual identity

Which is why, for so many years, Rose has been denied its vibrancy, given more scornful descriptions, with adjectives that orbit the spectrum of superficiality, a la mediocrity and there cercilaria, Muñoz assures that, historically everything considered feminine has been aimed above the male, when the color pink was given to women, it came to be considered silly, childish and not deep enough.

Over the years, in the eight decades that separate us from World War II, the rose has undoubtedly passed through many lives. Grisard quotes Envuelto’s Muchissimas de las controversios. how to change color from one sexual allegation Which, used by girls since they were young, serves to make them sexier (admire the reasons for the transformation of ‘Lolita’). Also he has been accused of having such a complexion feminize men (Because, as during the Nazi camps, ‘queer’ people used to arm themselves with a triangle of this color, the rose is antichrist.) bravery,

Feminism has reclaimed pink as the color of its feud

But since a decade ago, this dynamic has reversed. El rosa no este color cursi del cual las mujeres smartes deben huir. we are in the perfect age revival and reappropriation of color, first of all thank them feminist movement Globally, those who have taken advantage of the pink-femininity association have established it as the identity color of their fight (feminist ‘bums’ against Donald Trump, or the ‘pink’ of demonstrations against gender violence in India, to name a few) sarees’) ), yes necklace ‘queer’ groups who use the pink Nazi triangle as a memory of the LGTBI victims and battles.

Finally, this reappropriation has worked brands dare Playing more with color and generalizing it across multiple cabinets. “It’s no longer a childish brown, it fits into more serious places, as shown, for example, in her costumes. letizia reigns“, Muñoz explained. He also achieved what was unimaginable: piercing men’s collection Sin que los male hetero que las vistan, sinton que la feminidad del rosa se quela por su por como se fusen estrogen.

But with this generalization of roses, there is another Controversy: swallowing ability capitalism, gender researcher Kevin Bideauxexplains it through celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna o More recently, ‘Barbie’, Bazaar has been able to “explore” the (re)politicization of pink as the color of feminism.sell commercially concept of empowerment”.

Rihanna, who strongly holds a feminist discourse, has no qualms about wearing pink. In September 2016, she collaborated with the Puma brand. Cassie exclusively in pink, in the ‘Fenty x Puma’ collection by Feminism. The concept of empowerment was used as a marketing strategy to sell”, he says. Therefore, companies are so doubly marked: sell moreand in addition they also serve communication campaign Because they belong to progressive values.

Returning to the ‘boom’ of the moment: Of the many pink collections that have recently surfaced in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ collaboration, which one are you looking to buy? You will be telling the world that you are a personality feminist And that you share the anti-patriarchal values ​​that the movie clearly shows. But, as Bideaux concludes, you’ll also run into capitalist wheel Who just discovered that, in order to sell the same products that are always pink, you have to make decisions not “for girls”, but “for feminists”.


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