Expensive and controversial, the film based on a classic Biblical event is one of Netflix’s pearls!

Bible adaptations have always been a sensitive topic among filmmakers, religious figures, and general audiences around the world, and now, you can watch one of the most controversial films of the last decade. Netflix, This work, which was a success among critics, did not appeal to the public at all, despite being a high-budget production.

We are talkingNoah”, which stars the Oscar winner for Best Actor, and takes us into a combination of elements of epic, fantasy and drama, creating a narrative that goes beyond a simple retelling of a Biblical story. And in case you were curious, you can check out all about the action below!

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Meet “Noe,” the Controversial Epic Biblical Fantasy Feature Film on Netflix

For those who can’t give up a good Bible adaptation to enjoy with the family over the weekend, one of our recommendations is the classic “Noah”, which is available in the catalog of Netflix, This feature film, which hit theaters in 2014, is just 2 hours 17 minutes long, in addition to its 14-year-old rating.

The film follows the journey of Noah, a devout and pious man, who receives a divine vision that predicts the destruction of the world through a flood. Noah is instructed to build an ark to save himself, his family, and the companions of all animal species on Earth. As he tries to fulfill his divine mission, he faces challenges and moral dilemmas, as well as opposition from those who do not believe in his vision.

Below, you can watch the official trailer for “”.Noah,

,NoahIt was a worldwide hit, grossing over $358 million at the box office on an estimated budget of $125 to $160 million. Among critics, the work was similarly acclaimed, garnering a 75% approval rating among experts. rotten TomatoesBased on 263 reviews.

However, already in the audience, “NoahNot liked by many, it was heavily criticized for its biblical adaptation of facts, which often had a creative approach on the part of the director. While some appreciated the unique vision, others felt uncomfortable with the liberties taken with the original source material and the topics covered.

The Oscar winner for Best Actor is the protagonist of “Noe”; Oscar-winning filmmaker behind Netflix feature film!

In “Noah”, feature film Netflix is led by a cast made up of Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”), jennifer connelly (“Top Gun: Maverick”), Ray Winstone, Emma Watson (“The Advantages of Being Invisible”), Logan Lerman (“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”), Douglas Booth, Leo McHugh Carroll, Marton Soukas, Madison Davenport and Anthony Hopkins (“My father”).

“Noe” written by Ari Handel darren aronofsky, from “A Baliya” (2022), who also handles the direction responsibility. Behind the film, production was with Regency Enterprises and Protozoa Pictures, which also had international distribution. Paramount Pictures,

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Is “Noah” Worth Watching on Netflix?

“Noe” received a mixed critical reception, with some praising the visual approach. Impressive and attempted to explore complex themes, while others criticized compositional choices and interpretation of the biblical story. Not only that, but the film divided public opinion as well, with some applauding its unique approach darren aronofsky and others believed that the film was not faithful enough to the original source.

So, if you are interested in film adaptations of Bible stories with a tinge of fantasy, you might want to consider watching this movie. Available in the catalog of feature films Netflix,

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