Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he will release a disc that will belong to Autumn

HIt is common enough among day artists to generate a lot Expectation With regard to their new songs or discs and so on their followers depend on the advances they are publishing on the network or different platforms. But this style does not match with Ed Sheeran.

The British artist has been asked if he will release a new disc and has confirmed it without any kind of rodeo. as you express SiriusXM, after which you express The album will be about El Otono.“This is an album about autumn and I have no expectations from it. It was the album I was trying to make, and then Subtract came to fruition. As soon as it’s finished during the last year and, yes, it’s ready to go, that’s when I’m going to publish it”said the singer.

If You Don’t Know if the new album About Autumn will start a new saga of future albums

i don’t know if ‘Winter season’ This would be the beginning of a series of related discs, as well as an album with the names of other seasons of the year to be removed. yes i am having other difficulties Ed Sheeran Related were: plus, multiply, divide, equal, subtract. All too, mathematical notation.

The artist hasn’t confirmed anything about what type of Empezar Una Nueva Saga it is. He says that the disc will not come out in October but it will have a release date within a short time. Some users are already daring to set a launch date and name: ‘Autumn Variation’ and which will release on September 29. But only rumours.

This is gauged from his last promotional video in which heDee Sheeran becomes a teleshopping salesman of autumn products. En este a precio, 9,29, which will debut on September 29.

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