Drake pocketed a $30,000 Birkin to a woman at his Los Angeles concert

Drake credit: Bang Showbiz

Drake credit: Bang Showbiz

Rapper and singer This Kid was performing at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles when he appeared on stage with an impromptu pink Hermes Birkin pocket. He then went straight to a woman who was in the first row and handed it to her saying: “Drake is no Takano”.

Jokes apart, the musicians are well aware that this pizza could endanger the physical integrity of the lucky girl as it costs $30,000 and there are people who would use force to do this with such a bottin. Will be ready to take recourse, so I took the letter. It has the subject of protecting my admirer.

He asked his team in a loud voice, “Asseguros de que la escort seguridad a la salida”, so that the rest of the crowd would know that the woman would be well protected.

The Canadian rapper is known not only for his music but also for his fashion sense and love for luxury. In several interviews, she has mentioned that she has a collection of Birkin handbags by Hermès, which has generated a lot of interest and given rise to speculation of the most curious kind. why do you want them?

This is both a throwback and a gift for your future wife. In a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake revealed that he had been collecting coded wallets for years so that someday he could use them “with no end”. Hermès Birkin Pockets are known for their exclusivity, their high price, and their potential as investments, as their value will increase over time due to the constant demand and limited production.

The idea that a rapper collects luxury items as an investment is nothing new, but what makes Drake’s collection unique is the romantic motive behind it. The revelation has earned both praise for its romanticism and criticism for its bombast, but it’s now clear that even Drake knows how to share his privileges.

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