Doja Cat is at war with her followers

doja cat An unfortunate comment on the part of the singer has been followed by a flood of comments in both directions, leaving his followers furious.

It all started when the singer disguised herself as a cat for him met galaand your followers are connected to a bien auto nombres como los kittensDue to which Doja got very annoyed.


“False fans don’t call themselves fools. if you keep your name kitten hey kitten This means you have to give up your phone and find a job to help your priests”, the singer posted on the social network.

Even before this message his followers began to respond to him and it did not take long before a pitched battle ensued.

“Te quiero escuchar desir ‘los quiero chicos'”. As is usually said to your fans”, wrote a user threads, “No se, ni siqueira los conozco”, replied the singer.


These discussions were conducted by an interpreter say so Lost 200 thousand followers in a single day. But that didn’t deter the singer, who after a week seemed happy to lose followers who didn’t agree with her.

“Seeing all these people unfollow me makes me feel like I’ve vanquished the great beast that’s been holding me back for so long, and I feel like I can reconnect with the people who really matter. I matter to me and love me for who I am. .. Not the same as it was … I feel free”, the artist published in History Instagram,


Doja has recently launched its new Sensilo paint the town redplacing itself at number 15 on the list Boardand even appears on the cover of the magazine Harper’s BazaarSo clearly the loss of so many followers didn’t affect its success.

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