Demi Lovato releases rock version of single “Confident”; Hear!

Demi Lovato Today (18) a new version of it was launched Solo more known, “confident”,

Originally part of the 2015 album of the same name, the song’s redesign takes on the genre. rock and is part of a collection titled ‘rebuilt’premiered on the same day 15 September,


Recalling that Lovato’s final compilation of original compositions was praised ‘Holy Fvck’who has Solo “29”, “Substance” it is “skin of my teeth”,

Lovato rose to fame by participating in a mini-franchise ‘camp Rock’ and series ‘Sunshine among the stars’Original productions of both disney channel, Her solo debut in the world of music ‘don’t forget’Which helped him on his way to stardom.

In 2018, his health deteriorated after six years of sobriety and he suffered an opioid overdose, which is why he released the song “Serious”, apologizing to fans for the “weakness”. After entering a rehabilitation clinic, he thanked fans for their support and remarked that he would tell the world what he went through when he recovered, criticizing those who fantasized about his life. Made up stories.

selling more than 25 million record In the United States alone, her top honors include entries in one VMA, 14 Teen Choice Awards, five People’s Choice Awards, and more. book of records and second in the annual list team 100 As one of the most influential celebrities of 2017.

Lovato also steps up for a number of social causes, including fighting for equality in the LGBTQ+ community and discussing mental health.

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