date, time and how to watch the final of the Latin American league in LoL

competitive season. Laughing out loud in Latin America is coming to an end. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, date, time and how to watch the grand finale Latin American League LLA Clausura 2023 what will determine the pass to the world championship League of Legends: Worlds LoL 2023.

This final is important because they are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Latin American league. Riot Games has released the following video of this confrontation.

The grand finale will take place in Mexico City during the Gamergy celebration at Expo Santa Fe, where 2,000 people will cheer for their favorite team.

Which teams are participating in the grand final?

The Grand Finals of the 2023 League of Legends Latin American League or LLA final tournament will take place between astral esports And Movistar R7. Let’s find out their compositions

superiors bong Zotve
Jungle weirdo Hosedeodo
Half look Leza
shooter CEO Hans SamD
middle LIONTS gaeng

Date, time and how to watch the Latin American League Grand Final live Laughing out loudFinal tournament LLA 2023

We can tune in for the latest league games Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 5:00 PM (Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador time) on or directly on the Twitch and YouTube channels of the Latin League.

Everything you need to know about the LLA Clausura 2023 Latin American League of Legends or LoL grand finals: date, time and how to watch live.

The games can also be seen on the digital networks of the Mexican channel TV Azteca: Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, in the application or on its website.

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